Sunday, October 16, 2005


In the months that Smartmom has been away from Blogger, the spammers have come out in droves. They've taken over. They're ruining the blogosphere.

Less than a year ago, blogger felt like a giant and wonderful global vilage. It was so wholesome, so sweet, so friendly.

Now, these bloggers are using the lingo of blogging to get their stupid commercial messages across. "Hey I like your blog. Check out..."

Such crap. You get excited about having a comment and then BOOM. The comment has nothing at all to do with your site, nothing at all to do with your post, nothing at all to do with anything but CRAP.

Smartmom is disappointed that something so great has been co-opted so quickly. So nu? What else is new?

Of course, there are measures that one can take to banish those dreadful SPAMMERS. For now anyway. And Smartmom has finally taken them. You better believe she has.

The spammer problem isn't as extreme on Typepad, where Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn lives. However, OTBKB, doesn't get the personal, daily comments that Third Street did. It's a different kind of blog.

Smartmom says: "I don't want no friggin dog collectibles, wedding crap, and whatever stupid stuff you want to sell. Get away from here." It's like a nasty dog showin up in her garden. She just wants to kick it and tell it to: "GET AWAY FROM HERE! GO!"

It seems like years since Smartmom wrote THE GLOBAL BLOGGAGE, a post which celebrated the Blogosphere as a place where people could express themselves so freely: Calling out into the big, existential void: IS ANYONE LISTENING. HELOOOOOOOO.

Well, people were listening. A circle of really special bloggers came to visit Third Street. People from all over the world. It was a really special time. And the Blogsphere is still a wonderful thing.

If it weren't for those damn spammers.

But now these spammers - little robots that attack Blogger blogs, are everywhere. It is rampant.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Ken&Alice said...

You're right. I've had to use those "machines can't read these letters" thingies on my own blog. And I've found a neat way to prevent email-harvesting bots from spamming my email; I just list it as "spink underscore k at onebox dot com"


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