Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Groovy Aunt and Bro-in-Law flew to Moscow on Saturday. They spent two days sightseeing in Moscow and then flew to Perm, two hours by plane from Moscow. After driving 2 1/2 hours from Perm to the orphanage in the countryside, Groovy Aunt finally met Ducky (her real name is Svetlana), the little girl she is going to adopt. What a journey it's been. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Groovy Aunt sent Smartmom:

We went to the orphanage today to meet Svetlana. It was all a blur. We drove 2 1/2 hours on country roads that look like New England - Arrived at the "Children's Home" around 1pm - We met with the doctor and a social worker. It was quite intense. She basically went over all the information we already had

And then they brought her in. She's really cute. Very calm and serene, but also alert and liked playing with the toys. Her hair is definitely red. although he doesn't have much of it at the moment. She still has those big cheeks. We gave her some of the toys we brought and she enjoyed them a lot, and seemed very engaged in play. She also liked when I read the book that you gave me. The one about daddy. I held her for a long time. Meanwhile, we were trying to take her picture for Dr. A. and fill out that Denver questioniare. It was all really crazy, but also special and unique. I felt close to her.

She sucks her thumb, by the way - and starts crying when her thumb leaves her mouth. She also has a cold and possible bronchitis. The orphanage is fairly clean, and not too depressing. It is in an old building with murals and art on the walls. We didn't see any other children. They let us be with her in the music room - Apparently, she likes music although I didn't try serenading her on the piano. Some of the toys I brought make noises which she seemd to enjoy. I didn't really get her to smile. She kind of looks at me quizzically...

The pictures for Dr. A. didn't come out right so we'll have to take them again tomorrow. Svetalan has a nice young caregiver named Oksana - very sweet and pretty girl. After about an hour, they took her for her nap and we left. We gave them all the gifts and they seemed rather overwhelmed. It was a nice feeling. When we got into the car, jeff and I slept all the way back to Perm. It has been an exciting and frightening day. My mouth got incredibly dry when entering the orphanage. It is all strange and wonderful. I definitely feel like I'm lost in translation.


At 1:31 AM, Blogger Udge said...

It's finally turning real! Fingers, thumbs and toes tightly crossed for you, MIW and Ducky.

At 1:34 AM, Blogger Savtadotty said...

This is exciting and scary. I hope it will all become a happy part of Svetlana's own family legend one day.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger jonesy said...

wow, am I outta the loop!
Some church friends of the Mama-Nana just adopted from Russia. It took 3 years, and probably more emotional time and excitement.

I am most excited for Groovy Aunt. Please let her know there are those out there that her life (and Ducky's) that have been touched.

Side note: I just looked in on OTBKB. Holy man tights Batman! The last time I looked in I can realte it to a toddler, touching, feeling, tasting everything - trying to find what's good and what fits. Now I am amazed. It's completely a "Brooklyn Neighborhood for Dummies".

Kudos SM, Kudos. Your 3rd child (OTBKB) has definately sprouted it wings from wonderful nuturing.

All 3 of your kiddos are lucky.


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