Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Smartmom senses that her piece, "How the Other Half Lives" really hit a nerve. And she thought she was the only one with sibling issues. Hah.

It's nice to know (or sad to admit) that others have this kind of domestic rivalry with their siblings.

As rich as. As neat as. As talented as. As loved as... These are the questions that siblings grapple with endlessly.

It's the way of the world and unfortunately, sibling rivalry is a fact of life. Siblings compare themselves to each other in so many ways throughout their lives. Birth order and sibling competition can define people.

As babies - siblings fight over their parents love. As they grow older they measure, judge or elevate themselves based on the accomplishments of their siblings.

Here's what some of the readers of Third Street had to say:

From Udge:
"That sibling rivalry is quite a thing, isn't it? Watching my father and his brothers suggests that it nevers stops.

My sister's house is in a similar introspection-inducing relation to mine as MIW to yours: she has the knack of making a place that's truly "homey", whereas I just live somewhere. It is a style to which I could gladly aspire, but I am too messy to live it as she does, and I suspect that the non-mess is a large part of the success. I'll have to work on it."

From Red Eft:
I'm more of a HodgePodge Lodge sort myself. It's cozy.

From Little Light:
"It's funny how we all perceive what others have differently. My thought was that Mamainwaiting has all new things because they just got married and moved into that apartment. And of course, it's easier to keep a house cleaned with no children in it.

I think my situation is beyond comparing - my sister lives in a big, beautiful house in Iowa - I live in a 250 sq. foot studio in Manhattan - c'est la vie."

Even Groovy Aunt, pleased as she was to see a photo of her immaculate bedroom on the blog, shared her thoughts after reading Smartmom's piece.

"I enjoyed reading your impressions of our apartment and how we live - I don't think Bro-in-Law's closet is alphabetized, but I guess it might as well be ... I'm glad you enjoyed your stay and were also able to appreciate that there is no place like your own home."

Siblings are us. The only way to avoid these issues is to be an only child. And I'm afraid it's a little to late for that now. A little too late.


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