Thursday, April 07, 2005


It never ceases to amaze Smartmom how very connective the Internet is. She has "met" so many people through this blog.

Just today a woman from Chicago wrote to say that she'd like to use SM's "balabusta" poem as part of a wedding shower gift. She also wanted to know if SM had any other balabusta poems.

SM is delighted that this woman, a 67-year-old former English teacher at the University of Wyoming and Iowa State University, wants to use SM's poem as part of an elaborate shower gift she is giving to a colleague's daughter. SM is also incredibly impressed that she asked in the first place. That seemed pretty classy.

And no, SM doesn't have any more balabusta poems.

Balabusta is a Yiddish word that means terrific homemaker or super-efficient housewife. There's an exclamation in American Jewish that goes: "such a balabusta you are." It's something you would say after a wonderful and effortful meal. Or when admiring an immaculate apartment. 

SM also wondered how exactly this woman from Chicago found the poem in the first place - it appears on the Internet in two places, but still. So SM googled "Balabusta" but there was no link to it there.

Hepcat also known as Mr. Knowledgeable, suggested SM try "Balabusta Poetry" and lo and behold - there it was, number 2 on the google roster, which directs surfers to the Poetry Superhighway, where the poem was published in January 2005.

This Chicago woman and SM have exchanged a flurry of e-mails. She sounds very nice. She even asked about Hepcat's photography: "we are always looking for new talent for our publications," (she now works in public affairs, communications and fundraising for an environmental organization ).

Ooooh, SM thought, maybe something more will come of this connection. So she sent her a link to No Words_Daily Pix by Hugh Crawford because, as she said in her last post: "God works in mysterious ways."

Here is the poem that the woman from Chicago admired.

Yiddishe Mama

Such a balabusta
I am
bringing this tin
of homemade cookies

More fodder for
your extravagant elucidations
your theoretical be-bop

Chewing them slow
you savor the X-ray view
swallowing the id of me

Flavorful, rich
Freudian frosting
Purveyor of
phantasmic erogeny
and childhood suffering

I whipped up these
mnemonics of small
sweet longing
in my hot basement kitchen

For your plasir
and your analysis, of course

Sugar on your lips
you lean forward
eyes shut tight
receptor of
psychoanalytic radio signals

and riff radiantly on my
unconscious confections

Take them for what they are

my cookies
are yours


At 5:50 PM, Blogger brooklynfox said...

I'm no balabusta but I like your poem alot. Thanks for posting it. And congrats on the wedding request too!

At 3:47 AM, Blogger red eft said...

I love the story and I love the poem. It gains a whole new dimension from the story of the woman. Mazel Tov to her friend and to you!


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