Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dear Sonia

It looks like Groovy Aunt is back to writing her mamainwaiting blog It broke Smartmom's heart to read this sweet letter to Sonia. Last month Groovy Aunt and Bro-In-Law found out that they're not going to Russia until May 15th. The delay was unbearable after all they've been through. But they are taking it in stride and looking forward to the trip. Groovy Aunt and OSFO spend a lot of time in Sonia's room talking about Sonia. As you will read, OSFO is very excited about the imminent arrival of her baby cousin. From the way Groovy Aunt wrote this letter, you can tell that she is already a wonderful mom.

Dear Sonia,

I think about you all the time and hope that you are being well cared for, played with, hugged, snuggled and loved. It is very hard for us to know that you are there and we can't come to meet you. We are saddened by this but know it will be very soon when we get to hold you ourselves.

Your father is very excited to meet you. He took a lot of time and thought in picking out your stroller - it's quite comfy and we think you're going to enjoy riding in it.

We also fixed up your room. We bought you a lot of beautiful furniture. A lovely crib that your father says looks like Noah's ark - an armoire which is already filling up with adorable outfits for you - and a bookcase that is already filled with books from your Aunt and cousins and some very cute stuffed animals, some of which have been given to you by your cousin OSFO. Your grandmother Edith gave you a nice panda bear and he is sitting on the shelf right now, waiting for you.

OSFO enjoys coming over and playing in your room. Yesterday afternoon, she came over and put her stuffed dog Sandy in your crib. She also put a diaper on him and cut a hole for his tail. It was actually quite funny. I know that she loves you already. She gets very anxious when we talk about all the delays and the political issues surrounding the adoption. She starts telling me to "stop talking, it's boring..."
I think she just wants you to be here already as we all do.

Your room is so cozy. We hung a very cute paper mobile over your crib. Your other grandmother has already knitted you a lovely and soft pink blanket. It's one of the biggest projects she has ever undertaken. She is almost finished. Perhaps we will bring it to Russia with us.

Until then, we will be thinking about you all the time and we love you very much.

Mom and Dad


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