Monday, February 21, 2005


Smartmom, OSFO, and Groovy Aunt bought ice skates today. Oh, and they went ice skating too. But first came the big SPLURGE at Good Footin', the active shoe store on Seventh Avenue right around the corner from the apartment on Third Street.

Groovy Aunt called first thing and suggested taking OSFO to the Kate Wollman Rink in Prospect Park. OSFO was onboard from the start but then said, "Mom, let's go buy those pink velcro skates they have in the window at that store around the corner."

Now this wasn't completely out of the blue. Smartmom had been talking about buying OSFO skates because having your own skates is just so much better than renting those awful blue skates they rent out at the rink. Awful just awful those blue rental skates are.

On the way to Good Footin' OSFO remembered that Groovy Aunt had said that she was going to get OSFO those pink velcro skates in the window at Good Footin' for her birthday. So OSFO asked Smartmom to call Groovy Aunt to make sure that she hadn't yet bought the said skates. Groovy Aunt said no but agreed to meet Smartmom and OSFO at the store.

One thing led to another. Smartmom decided to buy herself a pair of skates because, well, it's just so much more fun to have the right equipment. Then Groovy Aunt decided to get in on the act too. Suffice it to say, the three of them left the store with NEW SKATES ready for some fun on the ice in Prospect Park.

And what a difference! Skating on good skates really makes the whole experience so much better. In fact, Smartmom felt like she was twelve again, like she was really light on her feet, twirly, swirly and fast. She tried figure eights and going backward, she spun around and went zoom, zoom, zoom.

OSFO's skating also improved enourmously in her fancy new skates. For the first time she could go across the rink all by herself. She was confident, standing tall, moving fast on her new pink skates.

When it was Zamboni time at the rink, the three had to vacate the ice. They had hot chocolate and tasty churros at the rink cafe. OSFO, proud to be the owner of the pink velcro skates, wiped her skate blades dry and carried them all the way home on the subway back to Park Slope.


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Little Light said...

How much were your skates? I've been feeling the urge to ice skate too.


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