Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Only the Blog goes Hollywood

Well not exactly. It's just that Smartmom is expanding. Here you will find the newly conceived Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn.

As you will see, Smartom's new site is not on blogger; it's on typepad, which will enable her to customize a bit more, in terms of design, colors, and added features.

However, she's NOT walking away from what she's started here. NO WAY. Smartmom remains passionately committed to this site and the friends she has made here.

THIS is her personal essay blog; her "Hers" column, if you will. It's the adventures of Smartmom, Hepcat, Teen Spirit and OSFO; the world according to Smartmom.

THIS will continue as before. And that's a PROMISE.

It remains to be seen what this new adventure needs and wants to be. The new OTBKB will try to be the all-eyes, all-ears, all-around-the-Slope interested busybody; a social anthropologist on Third Street.

Observing, being alert to the details, passing on important information, the new OTBKB will give you a wiff of the neighborhood zeitgeist, the mood that's in the air.

The new OTBKB will also include vital links to information about: schools, services, parking, retail, food, books, movies, local artisans, writers, artists, activists, friends and neighbors.

Down the line there will be announcements about stoop sales, school, community, and cultural events. Don't be surprised if you see shops and services advertised, as well: OTBKB needs to pay Typepad's fee (email her for advertising information).

The pieces will be shorter and there will be more or them each day. Plus regular departments like: POSTCARD FROM THE SLOPE, a daily observation, NO WORDS, a daily photo by Hepcat, and BROOKLYN THINKERS, a space for spirited free expression about Brooklyn and the world beyond. Listings of events that Smartmom thinks sound cool will also be a daily feature.

Come visit Smartmom at the new place You're always welcome there.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I am totally spooked by a Brooklyn event I just read about in your new blog! (All will be revealed the final episode of the Stuyvesant series I'm currently working on for my blog.)

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Udge said...

Sounds interesting! I'll go have a look.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Easy Writer said...

Smartmom, thanks for sharing your life - Yeshiva girls, lost in New Jersey, Brooklyn, the Judge. Although the new site is great, I'm glad you will keep up with this site. I'm one of the "secret" readers who has finally come out.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Third Street said...

Hey EZ, welcome. Great to have you.


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