Thursday, February 03, 2005

More from Coach Kane

Ladies & Gentlemen:

Great job yesterday. Almost everyone came close to an even split, and Anne (henceforth to be known as Curveblower) actually ran exactly the same time for each lap. Having a sense of your own pace is very valuable, and you guys are really coming along nicely. Despite the shortened training schedule, I'm confident that you'll be fine for the Brooklyn Half on March 19th (though LI is still an option for those of you who want it.)

Wednesday we'll run a counterclockwise loop at a comfortable pace and then do a hard mile from GAP to the first traffic light past Bartel Pritchard Square (15th St.). Aim for goal 1/2 marathon pace minus 15-30 seconds for that mile. Once again, the idea is for you to gain confidence in your ability to finish strong, and therefore not need to start too hard on race day. Once you're finished the hard mile, we'll do an easy jog back to GAP, though those of you who live on the way back are welcome to duck out of the park early as long as you do a cool down jog.

This week's long run will be up to 7.5 miles. We'll do 3x through a 1.25 mile out and back course. (I'll measure the exact distance this week and post the landmarks.) The goal this week will be to run each loop slightly faster than the previous. Once again, this will be a physical exercise, but also an exercise in discipline and knowing your body.

As usual, please give me a 4 mile run and a 3.5 mile run on your own.


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