Monday, February 14, 2005


Nice job yesterday. The group is really responding well, and I'm optimistic about the upcoming races.

On Wednesday, we'll do a one mile warm up (1/2 mile out and back) and then a lap of the park at projected half marathon pace. If you're not sure what that is just yet, now's the time to start thinking about it. Feel free to talk to me about it as well.

Saturday is the Cherry Tree 10-miler. As I've said, I want most of you to treat it as a "training race". In other words, use it as a tool to get a feel for running with a larger group, take advantage of the crowd and the water stops, etc. but don't run it all out or sprint at the end. Remember that our goal race is four weeks away and this is a tool to help us get there. Pace conservatively and aim for even splits for each lap. The crowd makes it easy to start out too hard, so please be cautious.

Because we're up to double digits, those of you who have been getting away with running on an empty stomach will want to get a few calories in you before the race. Keep it light and mostly complex carbohydrates. Nothing that will sit in your gut as you run. Since the start isn't until 10, you won't have to get up that early, but I would suggest at least two hours of digestion time. Just 200-300 calories should do the trick. Some toast and jam, a couple of fig bars, a high carbohydrate energy bar or something similar usually works well.

In addition to our two group workouts, please do two easy workouts on your own. one lap per is all I want this week.

See you Wednesday.


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