Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Empty Apartment: a Fantasy

Smartmom has been fantasizing about taking over the vacant apartment next door. God knows, the Smartmom clan could use the extra space. But that's not exactly what Smartmom has in mind. She's thinking of using Ann's old apartment as her very own home-away-from-home, a little getaway right next door to the apartment she shares with Hepcat, Teen Spirit, and OSFO.

Granted, this is a crazy idea. But a girl can have her fantasies, can't she?

Ann's old apartment is identical to Smartmom's. There's a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. The scale of the public spaces are generous. The bedrooms, however, are quite small.

For the decorating scheme, Smartmom is thinking: serene, soothing and Zen. She would paint most of the walls a soft white or beige and cover the floors in a white wool carpet. The living room would have a large, white sectional sofa, a low table, and pillows on the floor. Noguchi lamps would light the room softly.

In the dining room, the table would be a big slab of beautiful polished wood on a base and four comfortable chairs. A round Japanese paper lamp will hang over the table highlighting a ceramic vase of fresh flowers.

Smartmom's bedroom, will be dreamy mix of red, orange and saffron. There will be a bed low to the floor, a deliciously soft down comforter, and big, comfy pillows, sparkly Sari fabric for curtains, Noguchi lamps and a low bookcase with only the most interesting books

One of the bedrooms will be the meditation room with a shrine, a Buddha statue, a large candle holder and Smartmom's singing bowl. A meditation pillow will be positioned on the floor. And on a shelf: a CD player, books, incense and other meditation paraphanalia.

The other bedroom will be used as Smartmom's studio, a room where she can work on her writing, listen to music, make music, and do what she needs to do. There will be shelves of books, guitars, CDs and ample space for easy organization.

The bathroom. Ah the bathroom will be hers alone. There will be a candle next to the tub and all her favorite bath gels, soaps and creams. The towels will be big and soft and there will never be anyone's dirty laundry left on the floor. NEVER.

Perhaps you are wondering where Teen Spirit and OSFO will sleep? Well, they will continue to sleep in the apartment next door. And Hepcat? Next door. They will all be welcome in Smartmom's fantasy apartment if they promise not to spill anything on the white carpet, mess up the white sofa in the living room, or make too much noise.

Smartmom's fantasy apartment-of-one's-own, is a place to be quiet, to be serene, to be at peace with one's self. It's for those days when she's had enough of the noise, the chaos, the general domestic mayhem.

If all this sounds self-centered and selfish, it is. This is Smartmom's fantasy, so leave her alone.

When OSFO's golf games in the hallway get to her: Smartmom can go next door. When Hepcat's clutter and disorganization feels like suffocation: Smartmom can go next door. When Teen Spirit's high spirited friends are busting out of his small bedroom: Smartmom can go next door.

Much of the time Smartmom will still be in the old apartment: being with her family, loving them, helping with homework, cooking, and taking care of everyone. It's not that she wants to abandon ship. No, it's not that at all.

It's for those not-so-rare moments when Smartmom needs her own space: Ann's old apartment will be Smartmom's santuary, a very special place to call her own.


At 1:37 AM, Blogger Udge said...

"A few rooms of one's own", as it were? Nice idea. Fingers crossed for winning the lottery, or publishing that bestseller.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger red eft said...

Go for it!

I had a dream that you had a huge bed with three satin comforters--deep red, saffron and orange. Coincidence?

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Little Light said...

Reality sometimes begins as fantasy. I have my own next door apartment fantasies, but mine involve tearing down a wall.

At 12:50 AM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

Could this fantasy be a reality? Perhaps having the two apartments could really be a solution to your spatial issues - What a great fantasy and I love your decorating plans... love MIW


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