Friday, February 18, 2005

Bracing for the Break

Smartmom is bracing for next week's school vacation. On the one hand, she loves the hiatus from school life. The kids can sleep late and that's a good thing. They need the rest and she and Hepcat won't have to pull the difficult-to-wake Teen Spirit out of bed in the morning and push him out the door. Honestly, everyone, including the parents, could use a respite from the relentless pressure of homework, high school admissions, and the daily grind.

Winter break will also great time to expose Teen Spirit and OSFO to the wonders of the metropolis. The fantasy city vacation includes trips to Central Park to see The Gates, museums, Broadway shows, sights of interest, and places they've never been to before. Hopefully, Teen Spirit and OSFO will be on-board for such ambitious and edifying excursions.

On the minus side, the mid-winter break is a sudden break from Smartmom's personal routine and that's tough. She likes her routines and she needs them. When the kids finally get to school in the morning Smartmom sings a quiet, "Halleluah!" Not because she doesn't love being with them. It just that morning drop-off means she can devote herself to her work and some of the other things in life that matter to her.

Smartmom is a private self and a public self, a family self and a single self. All these selves manage to co-mingle rather nicely most of the time. But vacations sometimes throw her for loop. That's when she needs to be all her selves at once. It's a challenge to find time for scintillating vacation activities, work, chores and errands. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

It can be pretty schizzy and can lead to a quiet longing for her normal routine: a counting the days until the kids get back to school and they can all get back to whatever it was they were doing before the vacation.


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