Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Running in the Snow

Tonight, Smartmom ran four miles in Prospect Park in the snow. "It's snow globe snow," said Theresa. And really it was. Somebody shook the park and let it snow continously on the runners as they ran slowly around the drive making sure not to slip on the ice.

The park was mostly empty except for the runners, members of the Jack Rabbit mini-marathon class. At least twenty of them showed up on this icy, cold night - and so did the three coaches; one on bicycle to keep track of everyone. It was, to say the least, a dedicated group. A crazy group. I mean, who goes running in the snow?

When you're training for an early Spring half-marathon you run in the snow.

Smartmom and Theresa took it nice and easy. They chatted a bit. "This is incredible!" one of them exclaimed. "It's memorable." I'm scared I might slip." "My feet are a bit cold but otherwise I'm hot."

Mostly they ran in silence. Letting the snow cool their faces, they listened to their breath and felt their hearts beat. They were sweating in the snow. Panting, turning red. Their exertion warmed them on the frigid night.

Near Wollman Rink is the Christmas tree recycling site for composting and clipping -- a big pile of mulch lay next to the road. The smell of pine filled the night air. Someone said it smelled like Chirstmas. Smartmom thought it smelled like heaven.

The park was an unknown quantity. All the usual landmarks looked different - even exotic - dressed in snow. The lake, the Grecian temple, the zoo, the meadow. Snow covered, they were mysterious and strange. Hiding in the snow, the park was full of surprises. Boo.

Snow globe snow. Someone shook the park and dots of snow fell from the sky. It covered the running shoes, the dark windbreakers, the sweaty faces of those who wanted to know what it felt like to run in the park in the snow.

Glorious. It did. It felt glorious.


At 12:06 AM, Blogger brooklynfox said...

SM, I love this post. The Park is magic. Thanks for sharing this experience with those of us who don't run the loop. Just beautiful. RFJ

At 12:54 AM, Blogger Third Street said...

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At 5:54 PM, Blogger jonesy said...

You painted a most beautiful picture for me (or at least my imagination). Seems like one of those rare perfect days when the leaves are turning, but the sun still warms you or it's sprinkling rain, and the sun peaks out for a minute, but yet the drops still lightly hit you in the face when you turn to look. Like for a brief instant everything is right, and even magical...for one...brief moment. Yes, indeed, these are the moments that make up a memory.


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