Monday, January 03, 2005


On New Year's Day, Smartmom and Co. boarded the "red-eye" in Oakland at 9:15 p.m. The flight met all criteria for a good Jet Blue flying experience:

--A nice pilot, who actually addressed passengers standing in front of the plane with a microphone, which was interesting if a little bit strange

--Nice, friendly crew

--Little or no turbulence

--Decent programs on one or two of the 30 channels of television Jet Blue offers - Smartmom watched "I Heart Huckabees," an existential comedy with Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin and Isabel Huppert, which was diverting to say the least.

--VH1 had the top 40 music videos of 2004, which gave Smartmom a chance to catch up on all the music videos she'd never seen.

--Three of four members of the family sat together

--OSFO slept all the way across the country

--The flight was a speedy four hours and thirty seven minutes

Because of their colds, the landing was excruciatingly painful for Teen Spirit and Smartmom. Their ears felt like they were exploding as the plane descended into Kennedy Airport. When they de-planed they could barely hear. Luckily, Teen Spirit was able to get his hearing back by holding his nose and breathing out his mouth. It took Smartmom a while longer to not feel like she was inside a bottle.

Hepcat and Teen Spirit got the Volvo from the long term-parking lot while Smartmom and OSFO retrieved their many bags at the baggage claim. Everyone but Hepcat, the driver, slept from the airport to Third Street. The entire family immediately went to sleep for five hours as soon as they got to the apartment.

Relatives of their neighbors spent the week in the apartment and they left it spick and span. OSFO found yellow rubber gloves in the bathroom, as well as two bottles of disinfectant, alcohol and new sponges. The visitor's also left a very thoughtful thank you note that said, "If your travels ever bring you to the Phillipines do, do please look us up." A good looking bottle of Medoc and a lovely flower arrangement were on the dining room table

Smartmom's cold and sore throat continued to escalate as the day wore on and she took to her bed for much of the afternoon and evening. OSFO was a good companion to her sick mom, though she was a intermittently peeved when Smartmom lacked the energy for multiple rounds of Yahtzee.

Throughout the day family called to see how everyone was doing. Teen Spirit was up and out of the apartment soon after he woke up at 2:30 to re-connect with Best Buddy and Red. He didn't return until well after 8 p.m.

Hepcat journeyed out to Rite-Aid to find Smartmom the cold medicine that had proved so effective in California.

There is still mail to read, bags to unpack, phone messages to be returned. That's for tomorrow when "real life" begins - school, the high school conumdrum, work, photography, et al.

It's a new year. Bring it on.


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