Monday, January 24, 2005

No Snow Day

Teen Spirit held out hope until early this morning. Even Smartmom assumed that the city would, at the very least, delay the opening of school. But at 7 a.m. she typed on her keyboard and saw this:

"NYC public schools will be open on their regular schedule on Monday, January 24th. All after school programs and field trips are cancelled..."

Smartmom went into Teen Spirit's bedroom to deliver the word. Bare chested beneath layers of quilts and down, Teen Spirt was, as is typical, sleeping like a log. Smartmom, aka "Bringer of Bad News," shook him awake with the unpleasant news: "It's not a snow day." Teen Spirit stirred but then thought better of it. He pulled his covers over his dirty blonde bed-head. Smartmom whispered: "Time to get up. There's school today." Teen Spirit's eyes popped open and a look of virulent rage crossed his face: "Those MONSTERS. How could they open school today. MONSTERS. I hate that Mayor..."

Teen Spirit can be quite the indignant teen.

Snow plows ploughed through the night clearning Brooklyn streets for cars and buses. The sidewalks were even somewhat walkable. The crosswalks, however, were treacherous with three foot snowbanks making for quite the climbing adventure.

On Smartmom's morning walk to work, she saw bundled up Park Slopers with scowls on their faces. Stroller moms struggled to lift strollers and babies up the banks and across the street. Older people with canes walked stoically and carefully. The snow, a fun blast on the weekend, seemed like a big drag for a Monday work day. Even the dogs looked annoyed. Smartmom saw one with red booties on his paws.

The Assistant Principal didn't give out late passes this morning. He wandered around the lobby with nothing to do as dozens of students wandered in well past 8:30, including OSFO.

This No Snow Day is already getting on everyone's nerves. The weekend was a celebration of all those things we can't control as the snow filled Brooklyn like a huge cup of vanilla ice cream. We tasted of its delicious spirit of play.

Now it's time to be serious again. DARN.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger red eft said...

Too bad we can't just declare Northeastern Snow Festival Week or something. I remember trying to do that with a double stroller!

Ah well, enjoy, SM. No doubt you will be out there running through the drifts in your sneakers, which makes me cold to consider.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Little Light said...

Even the VIPs were complaining last week about the poor timing of the blizzard.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger jonesy said...

SM, Udge, and RFT:

You all are absolutely more "worldy" than I. I need a bit of an "udge" ;) here. Mind giving me a piece of mind on my last post? Need to help an "oldest and bestest" who is in some pain - however my friendly voice doesn't seem as if it is enough contribution to our loss. Please advise : I only ask because A: you combined have read more than I will ever hope to B; because you have been very kind in your support/advice so far. Anything will be better than nothing.



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