Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Date Set for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon

The Brooklyn half-marathon is happening. Again. The NYC Road Runners Club has scheduled it for March 19th, which is OSFO's birthday. It's also much sooner than anyone expected. Surely no-one training in the Jack Rabbit Half-Marathon Group will be ready. Or will they? According to the coach's original plan, the group was aiming for a marathon in April.

Can it be done?

Sounds like the group is going to split in two. Those who want to try. Those who want to wait for the Half in Long Island on May 1.

Smartmom, Brooklyn booster and know-it-all that she is, had her heart set on the Brookly Half. The t-shirt alone was worth the price of entry. Sunrise on the Coney Island Boardwalk - it sounded too good to be true. But she's pretty sure she won't be be ready by March 19th.

First of all, there's lots to do on OSFO's birthday. Secondly, she probably won't be ready. Thirdly...

Wait, wait, wait just one minute. Part of her wants to try.

If the race is really early in the morning she won't miss OSFO's birthday by much. Also, if Smartmom is only ready to do ten miles then ten miles it is. That'll get her practically all the way to Park Slope. She might just have to miss the final 3.3 miles in Prospect Park.

A plan? A plan. She'll have to think about it and see where she's at when it's sign up time. By then, it should be pretty clear.

Coney Island or Long Island? Time will tell. Time will tell.


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