Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hiding Out

Being sick, Smartmom feels like she's hiding out. Like she's in some kind of witness protection program. Like she's lost touch with Brooklyn. She hasn't set foot onto Third Street in well over 24 hours, didn't even walk OSFO to school this morning (Groovy Aunt picked her up at the door).

People must be talking. Or not.

Smartmom thought she thought of everything. She sent OSFO to school with letters for Hanadi and Hanadi's teacher saying she couldn't do "Learning Friends." She e-mailed her trainer to cancel her weekly session. But when B. at the Food Coop called at 11:30 to say, "Where are you?" Smartmom realized she hadn't thought of everything. Actually B. said, "You sound terrible! Now I know why you're not here." B. is a most wonderful coop supervisor.

Smartmom plum forgot about their Food Coop shift. Hepcat who thought he might be coming down with the dreaded "Smartmom Bug" was sleeping. He did, however, rise to the occasion and hustled over to Union Street to fulfill his duties in the infamous coin rolling room. Alone.

Smartmom felt intermittently better/lousy and needed to stay near her bed. She was cheered by the arrival of Beautiful Smile after noon and they had tea together and some giggles about the kinds of thing they giggle about.

The days inside pass in a haze of sleep, reading of whatever is near the bed, cups of tea, and peeks at the computer. The voice seems to return for a cameo and then it goes away. Sometimes it's squeaky, sometimes it's froggy, and sometimes it's got that deep, sexy Debra Winger sound. When she talks on the phone, the voice wears out and retreats into nothingness for a spell.

The rest is silence.

OSFO came home and said she's had one of those "Today was the worstest days in my whole entire life. I hate everybody" days. Her teacher yelled at her: "OSFO, for the 100th time stop talking!"She hurt her finger in the classroom, a couple of kids were downright mean, and someone pushed her!

The indignities of second grade could break a smart mom's heart.

Needless to say, she needed to ventilate her feelings quite a bit and a cup of hot chocolate and Smartmom's special grilled cheese went some distance in consoling her. Soon, OSFO felt recovered enough to invited Dynamic Blonde up for some fun.

The girls played and played and played while Smartmom slept. The tiredness just doesn't seem to pass. Smartmom wonders if she'll ever step out onto Third Street again.

Hepcat came home from the city with a really professional looking strobe light - he's got a photo job on Friday!! After hearing the price of the new purchase Teen Spirit said, "Are you planning to earn money with your photography, Dad?" Hepcat, a tad flustered said, "You expect me to take pictures in the dark?" Teen Spirit thought for a second and said, "Okay, Dad. Okay."

Hiding out these first days of 2005 isn't such a bad thing. Taking it slow, quiet, listening, and not talking all the time, Smartmom's new year is getting a mighty slow start.

And maybe, just maybe, that's a good thing.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger red eft said...

Uncle. I am joining blogland.

Dear, dear Smartmom, how we love you.

And we want you to hibernate and give your powerful voice a rest. It always comes back stronger.

You are still speaking, and we are listening.

PS What are those kids doing in school when they should be sledding?


red eft

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Little Light said...

Seems to me that you need the rest. Take advantage of it while you can, but feel better!


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