Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hanadi's Cinderella

Hanadi's Cinderella: a stick puppet play by Hanadi and Smartmom

Scene 1

Cat: Welcome to Hanadi’s Production of Cinderella. In the first scene we see Cinderella sweeping the living room of her stepmother’s house.

Her stepmother is mean, I mean really mean. And her stepsisters, Blondie and Misnavi, are always telling her what to do.

Poor Cinderella, she is not happy because all she does is clean, clean, clean. And work, work, work.

The curtain opens on the living room of the wicked stepmother’s house. Cinderella is sweeping the floor.

Cinderella: Ohhhh. I wish I was living the life of a princess and not here with my mean stepsisters and my wicked stepmother. Work, work, work. It’s all that I do. I wish I could dance at a ball and wear pretty dresses.

Blondie: Cinderella stop being lazy. Iron my clothes. I need you to iron my clothes NOW. I mean NOW!!!!

Misnavi: Cinderella, fix my room. Fold my clothes, polish my shoes. I’m in a rush Cinderella.. Do it NOW!

Cinderella: Whatever you say, Stepsisters.

Wicked Stepmother: Cinderella go down to the basement at once. It’s disgusting and dirty down there. I would never go down there. You must clean the grease and the soot.

Cinderella: (Starting to cry) Yes, Stepmother. I will do what you say.

Scene 2

Cat: As you can see, Cinderella leads a very unhappy life. Her stepsisters and stepmother are always bossing her around. Today, a special friend of the Prince comes to their house to invite all the girls in the village to the prince’s ball.

Prince’s friend comes to the door

Prince’s friend: Hello my fair ladies. I have wonderful news. The prince is having a ball tonight. He is inviting all the girls in the village. He wants to find himself a wife. He wants to find the most beautiful, the most interesting, and the most kind girl to be his princess. See you tonight.

The prince’s friend runs off.

Stepmother: Oh Cinderella, you have lots to do to get Blondie and Misnavi ready for the Prince’s ball tonight.

Blondie: Get my gown out of the closet. It needs to be cleaned and sewn and fixed. Get me my gown. I know the Prince will choose me.

Misnavi: Polish my fanciest shoes. The ones with the diamond straps. I know the Prince will choose me.

Stepmother: Come on girls, you need to get washed up, get your hair done, your nails polished, your toenails polished. You must have your faces made up and your hair curled. You must look fabulous for the prince.

Cat: So Cinderella spent the day helping Blondie and Misnavi get ready for the ball. At the end of the day she was very tired and sad. But she still had one question for her stepmother.

Cinderella: Stepmother, may I go to the ball? The Prince has invited all the girls in the village. And I am a girl in the village.

Stepmother: No. You have work to do. You are too dirty and tired. And besides, you have nothing to wear.

Cinderella: Couldn’t I borrow one of your gowns? You have so many.

Stepmother: Cinderella, you are a very silly girl. Say goodbye to my beautiful daughters. One of them will be the new princess.

To Be Continued....


At 8:53 PM, Blogger red eft said...

I love Cinderella and I love Hanadi's Cinderella. I don't mean to downplay the sexist symbolism of the tale, its "recuperation" of "female energy" by a "patriarchal system." That's all there, but at bottom it's about invisibility and recognition and I think that's why it resonates so strongly for me, and maybe for Hanadi. Looking forward to the next act.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger krenneke said...

I am dying to read the rest! Will Cinderella be able to go to the ball? What will she be wearing? Is the prince allowed to marry a simple, underclass, ordinary girl?
Tell us more!


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