Friday, January 28, 2005

Dear Judge,

At 4:15 today Smartmom picked up Sweetie Boo in the auditorium of PS 321. Smartmom said to his teacher, "I'm the one who forgot him last week," and the teacher laughed.

Sweetie Boo was happy and relieved to see Smartmom and OSFO. He seemed to hold ABSOLUTELY no grudge against her for the "abandonment" (your word) of last week.

Smartmom thanks you for not dropping by today. If you were there - in some kind of strange disguise - she did not see you. Again, Smartmom remembered to get the boy. And Mrs. Cleavage (Sweetie Boo's mom) holds nothing, NOTHING against her for the little slip-up of last week.

And furthermore, Judge: Smartmom would appreciate if you would promise not to come around anymore. She's asked you this before but you never seem to take her seriously.

Well, take this seriously mister: Amscray! Get it? Scram, if you don't understand Pig Latin. It's time to leave Smartmom alone!

With no gratitude and no thanks,



At 8:10 AM, Blogger mrs. cleavage said...

Sweetieboo & Mrs. Cleavage make a point to never hold grudges. It's bad for your soul.


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