Monday, January 17, 2005


Smartmom has become very fond of happy occasions. They don't make her anxious anymore. A gathering of people to celebrate something good is itself a good thing.

It comes of getting older. Of knowing that there are other reasons why people gather in groups.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers. Any excuse for a party is, to Smartmom's way of thinking, a way to savor the special people in her life; an opportunity to stop and recognize the beauty of what's here.

In that spirit, "Bring on the Good Times" is Smartmom's theme for 2005! Party down hearty in any way you can this year because it so much better than the alternative: dragging your feet feeling blue.

Dig it!

Smartmom loves Groovy Grandpa's birthday coming as it does in the middle of January. It is something to look forward to after the build up and then the let down of the holidays. It is the soft, warm glow in the middle of a sometimes bleak month.

The pressures of January are manifold. First, there's the getting back to whatever was going on before the new year. It's also the turn-a-new-leaf-month, the things-are-gonna-be-different-now time of year. It's a game of catch-up and reinvention all at once --and that can be exhausting.

And it's usually kinda cold.

Of all the ambitious plans that Smartmom has devised for the coming year, perhaps none is more important than her desire to celebrate and savor the good things that are going on; to converse and connect with those she loves.

Last night at 360 a restaurant on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Smartmom made good on her vow. A particularly great group gathered to drink biodynamic wine, eat fantastic French food, drink more biodynamic wine and celebrate the man and his birthday.

The conversation was non-stop from 7:30 on. Moving around, stealing each other's chairs, every combination of people had the chance to talk, joke, catch up and laugh.

The prix-fixe dinner was also exceptional topped off by rice pudding the likes of which Smartmom has never tasted. 360 uses all organic ingredients and their produce is from an organic farm located in a nearby baseball field that was set up to help troubled youth.

Groovy Grandpa's gifts included "Los Alamos" a book of color photography by William Eggelston that he had already bought for himself -- the sign of a truly perfect gift. Smartmom bought it from Groovy Aunt who will find another perfect (but not too perfect) gift for GG. And now Smartmom and Hepcat have this book they'd been meaning to buy!

In front of the restaurant as everyone said their farewells, the revelers remarked what a great time they'd had and how good it was to be together. "It's a crime," someone said, "to let so much time pass."

Hear, hear, thought Smartmom. Great people, biodynamic wine, organic food. What better way to celebrate Groovy Grandpa's birthday and ring in the new year.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Helen_of_Sparta said...

Tell Groovy Grandpa that I wish him a very happy birthday! He should feel very lucky to have a wonderful family such as yours. :-)

By the way...I'm back (again)!

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Helen_of_Sparta said...

Of course Roe reads my blog (I publicize to my family and friends...a lot)! :-) I hope she learns from my rants. At least she better!
~ Lydia

At 8:11 PM, Blogger red eft said...

What a lucky Groovy Grandpa he is.

I am going to try to have as much fun at my Dad's 80th.

Um, that's not biodynamic wine from a Red Hook vineyard, is it?


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