Monday, January 17, 2005

Cast of Characters

The following are the names and a brief description of the cast members of Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. If she accidentally left anyone out: apologies and corrections to come.


Smartmom: Blogger who Knows Brooklyn

Hepcat: Husband of Smartmom. Photographer extradonaire

Teen Spirit: 13 year old son of Smartmom and Hepcat

The Oh So Feisty One (OSFO): 7 year old daughter of Smartmom and Hepcat

Groovy Aunt: Smartmom's identical twin sister

Bro-in-law: Husband of Smartmom's identical twin sister

Groovy Grandma: Smartmom's mother (divorced from Groovy Grandpa)

Groovy Grandpa: Smartmom's father (divorced from Groovy Grandma)

MiMa Cat: Stepmother of Smartmom. Wife of Groovy Grandpa. Nicknamed by OSFO at the age of 2 because of MiMa Cat's beloved cat, Rupert

Clever Grandma: Smartmom's mother-in-law and Hepcat's mother. She lives in California

Groovy Cousin: Smartmom's cousin on her mother's side

Beautiful Smile: Friend of Smartmom, Housekeeper and Caregiver of OSFO and Teen Spirit. Goddess of Stability and Unconditional Love


Red Eft (formerly Upstate Pal): Friend and daily confidante who lives in the Hudson Valley

Dadu: Friend, husband of Red Eft and soul mate of Hepcat

Real Fruit Jelly: Friend, office mate, and conversational co-hort

Best & Oldest: Friend since the first day of fifth grade

Warm & Funny: Friend and member of Smartmom's writer's group

Poetry Czar: Friend and co-hort on OSFO's school poetry magazine

Writer & Drinkers: Members of Smartmom's writer's group

Mrs. Kravitz: Friend, downstairs neighbor and mother of OSFO's best friend

Dynamic Blonde: OSFO's best friend and downstairs neighbor

Dynamic Blonde Duo: OSFO's best friend and her brother

Mrs. Cleavage: Friend, local entrepreneur and fellow blogger

Sweetie Boo: Son of Mrs. Cleavage

Best Buddy: Friend of Teen Spirit who lives a few blocks away

Red: Friend of Teen Spirit who lives down the street

Drama Tween: Friend of Teen Spirit

Former Upstairs Neighbors: Friends who used to live upstairs, they still live on Third Street

The Deserters: College and across the street friends who up and moved to Nyack

Tall and Lanky: Friend, they met during OSFO's pre-school days

Grammatical Genuis: Friend, sometime writing partner and creative co-hort

So Enthusiastic: Friend and Smartmom's fitness Trainer


Udge: The Blogger of Stuttgart

Laments of the Unfinished: Member of Smartmom's writer's group

Mrs. Cleavage: Friend and local entrepreneur

Helen of Sparta: Londoner and nice-sounding person

Jonsey: Mom and lover of Van Gogh from Georgia


Persnickity: Downstair's neighbor who complains about noise : (


Fun House Mirror: Smartmom's inner self on a bad hair and everything else day

Fear Gang: Smartmom's fearful self on any given day

The Judge: Smartmom's inner judge. He's around too much of the time


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Udge said...

Interesting to learn that Red Eft is in fact the well-known Upstate Pal, that puts a whoooooooole new complexion on things!

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Helen_of_Sparta said...

Thanks for the compliment...:-)
~ Lady of Sparta

At 10:45 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

glad to get that all straight. Thanks for the summary. Very helpful, indeed. Somehow your names are so descriptive - and to the point.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger elswhere said...

Thanks for the introductions! Nice to meet you all!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger jonesy said...

Wonderfully play billish. Glad to meet you all (or ya'll where I'm from) and thanks for the entertainment, without your entertainment, or muses, or interaction, I think SM's blog would have a completely different concept/aura!

Thank you SM for the intro's!!

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