Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Smartmom is one of 6000 winners of National Novel Writing Month.

As it says on her winner's certificate, "She has demonstrated superlative creative gifts throughout thirty grueling days of sleep deprivation, overcaffeination, and mind-wearying literary output. All in the noble quest to deliver unto the world her unforgettable masterwork: "Crossing the River." This amazing feat is accomplished by only a handful of the most courageous writers in the world every year. We here at National Novel Writing Month salute your great achievement, and raise this legally binding, papery toast to your indomitable noveling spirit."

Yup. Smartmom is feeling pretty good because she added 169 pages to her work-in-progress by writing at least 1600 words a day for 30 days. She did, however, fall behind Thanksgiving week and had to write 8000 words on the last day of the contest. Yowza. Her typing fingers are a-hurtin'

Congratulations are also due to Upstate Pal who generated a novel from scatch and hit the 50,000 word goal on November 29th. She sent Smartmom an urgent cell phone message when she finished. Whoo hoo. Smartmom is looking foward to reading Upstate Gal's opus: "Underbelly."

As Upstate Gal said in an e-mail yesterday to Smartmom: "Enjoy your NaNo celebration! We are now officially: verbose."

A nice note from Chris Baty, founder of Nanowrimo, arrived in today's e-mail reminding Smartmom that Nanowrimo is not just a word orgy but also a fundraiser: "We've managed to raise over $6500 for our Cambodian Libraries program. Through this partnership with Room to Read, I had originally hoped to gather enough money to establish one or two libraries for kids in Cambodian villages. We've now raised enough to fund three libraries, and we're halfway to a fourth.

Smartmom is now within spitting distance of a decent first draft and there will be four new libraries in Cambodia. A win win situation all around.

Thanks Chris Baty and Nanowrimo. Smartmom salutes the 40,000 who signed up and the 6,000 people who actually completed the task.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Chris aka Big Ceez said...

Hooray for Smartmom and the clan, as well as all of Brooklyn. All Staten Island has is a dump, a lot of rich people, and Historic Richmondtown.

Hooray for you.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Udge said...

Excellent! Well done! And that while stressing out with family visitors and school application and Thanksgiving too. I'm impressed. Here's to that first draft.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Little Light said...

Congratulations on your very impressive and inspiring achievement!


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