Monday, December 06, 2004

On Groovy Grandpa and Godard

Smartmom's Dad, Groovy Grandpa, called earlier today to see if Smartmom wanted to catch a mid-afternoon screening of the new Godard at the Film Forum. Don't you just love the way that sounds: "Wanna catch the new Godard at the Film Forum?"

It's been awhile since there's been a new Godard that Smartmom wanted to see. Although she has been a huge fan of the director since her dad took her to see "Breathless," "Two or Three Things I know About Her," and "Weekend" in the basement of the Museum of Modern Art, a Godard film just hasn't been high on her cinematic "to do list" lately. In fact, the last Godard films she went to see were "Alphaville" and "Every man For Himself" in the early 1980s back when the Carnegie Cinema was on 7th Avenue and 56th Street. Smartmom was quite the cineaste then.

However, this new one, "Notre Musique" sounds worth seeing. "A symphony in three movements or what the director calls three kingdoms, the film is an eschatological journey that, as with the one in Divine Comedy, begins in hell," writes Manohla Dargis of the New York Times.


Unfortunately, Smartmom was unable to get off-Slope for a few hours as it was a busy and rainy Monday and she had a bit too much to do.


And what a lame excuse. Seeing a movie with her Dad is a pretty slick thing to do. What better way to spend a rainy Monday afternoon than imbibing cinema du Francais avec Papa? Afterwards, they could have gone for glass of wine in a west Soho cafe and spent some quality time together.

She was a fool to say no. But she couldn't help it. Heck, she had a therapy appointment at 4:30, which cannot be missed -- for health and safety reasons.

Groovy Grandpa and his wife MiMa Cat - an affectionate nickname coined by OSFO when she was two - split their time between a Brooklyn Heights apartment with a sublime view of the Manhattan skyline and a 55 acre property in upstate New York near the Vermont border. It's a nice life—plenty of time for city and solitude, which suits them both.

MiMa Cat, a former advertising executive, gardens, reads, antiques, restores their colonial upstate home, works-out and makes a mean Cassoulet, as well as other international specialities.

Groovy Grandpa, a former advertising creative director, is a voracious reader, an avid birdwatcher, a horse bettor, a jazz and classical music aficionado and a huge art lover. He's a walking "Goings on About Town" and like that New Yorker feature, he always seems to know what cultural events are going on at any given time.

The new Godard film at the Film Forum is a good example. When he's in town, Groovy Grandpa tries to keep up on the latest and the greatest -- music, movies and theater. That's always been something that Smartmom admires. Why live in this great metropolis if you're not going to keep your hand on or near the pulse of what's happening?

Smartmom is sorry that she didn't jump at the chance to get out of Brooklyn for a few hours. This time she missed out bigtime: an afternoon of Godard and Groovy Grandpa. What could be better? Really now, what could be better?


At 3:53 PM, Blogger Helen_of_Sparta said...

Sorry you missed out on the movie - better luck next time! :-) And again, great nicknames. You should think about nicknaming your blog: OBKB (Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn)...:-)
I updated...see if you agree...
I hate it when it rains - it makes me feel so dreary. But all the better for when the sun comes out!

~ Lydia

At 3:37 AM, Blogger brooklynfox said...

SM, how lucky you are to have such a Groovy Dad. My dad, I'll call him "Lunatic Fringe" wouldn't know Godard from grape juice. The chances of attending a movie in the afternoon at the Film Forum (nevermind in FRENCH!)with LF makes the Red Sox win this year seem like a given. In this respect, please, please know how lucky you are. Love, RFJ


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