Thursday, December 16, 2004

Life on the Blog

Blogging most certainly does create a non-geographic community of nameless (or name invented) friends united by one thing: their desire to type late into the night or early in the morning generating words for people they barely know. And yet, over time a bond develops between bloggers, an interest in the words, the lives, the perspectives of these far flung individuals.

Smartmom now has a small group of bloggers that she checks in with daily. It is a changing group as some of her early blog-friends have chosen not to continue blogging. But there are a few who keep on keeping on. Many of them are people who have commented on her blog, which is a sure fire way to make friends in the blog universe. Not to brag, but the people who have responded to Smartmom's blog all tend to have very smart, interesting blogs. Coincidence? She thinks not.

Blogging takes you into lives different from your own: to cities you've never been to and experiences you've never had. Bloggers seem quite willing to speak from the inside. That is, they open their hearts, tell their tales, share their hopes, their frustrations, and their dreams. No-one names names - that seems to be a blogging convention. And it frees people to say it how they feel it.

Speaking of dreams, Laments of the Unfinished has become quite the dream blogger. Her Zoloft-induced dreams are worth a read as are her one-of-a-kind posts about life as a single New Yorker.

Smartmom also checks in regularly with Lady Cutie Troublemaker a young woman who, Smartmom gathers, is doing an internship for her PHD in the city schools of Memphis. Through her, Smartmom has discovered other people who are leading interesting lives in cities across the U.S.

Another blogger, One Good Bumblebee, is a nanny for twins in Texas who also writes poetry and seems to know all the best books and cool things to buy.

Speaking of cool things to buy, Mrs. Cleavage owns a shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Shangri-La, which is chock full of perfect gifts for your friends and family. Read her touching post about an old,dear friend who surprised her with an E-Christmas card. It's truly sweet (and witty as always).

A new blog-friend is Helen of Sparta, a Brit who rants eruditely about the younger generation and all her pet peeves in general.

This blog by a very close relative of Smartmom is definitely worth a look for its comic artistry and general wit. Huttah.

And who could forget An Udge and a Wink, a transplanted Canadian living in Stuttgart. Smartmom agrees with what he wrote in a recent and very touching post called Metablog the First.

Beginning bloggers misunderstand the nature of the beast, because people talk more about how to blog than why to do it. Come closer, let me whisper the secret into your delicate, shell-like ear: The point of blogging is not the writing. The point of blogging is the reading and commenting upon other people's blogs, that these people might then find and read (and perhaps even comment upon) yours, and the community that this creates. Only connect, as the man said. Without this feedback, a blog is no better than a paper diary; after the feedback starts, you will feel differently about yourself and your blog.

The way to describe this new feeling is: Better. Perhaps even: Happy

For Smartmom, blogging has solved a persistent longing: the desire to be published, the desire to be read. In a way, it has given her a small taste of every writer's dream: to be published for what she truly has to say. As she continues to write her fiction, her poems, her work for hire, Smartmom continues to dream of finding an agent, of becoming an "author." But in the meantime, she is indebted to her readers who check in daily at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn because, to plagarize Udge, the way to describe this new feeling is: Better. Perhaps even: Happy.


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what am i chopped liver? you forgot to mention my blog. this maybe because you assume I haven't written anything in weeks which is true. Yes, I do need to catch everyone up on the latest news wiih Mamainwaiting. ok, I get the message. get writing. love miw


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