Monday, December 27, 2004

It's Raining

Smartmom cried four times today. Four.

The first outbreak occurred while reading an e-mail from Warm & Funny after breakfast:

"I got the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER...a NEW NIECE!!! I am madly in love already and they had to pry her out of my hands at about 2 am last night...My son said, 'I can't wipe the smile off of my face!' That about says it all..."

The thought of all the loss and sadness Warm & Funny has endured since 9/11 made her joyful announcement all the more poignant.

The teariness was also connected to the fact that Smartmom will herself be getting a new niece in the months to come when Groovy Aunt and Bro-in-law bring their baby girl home from Russia. It's been a waiting game but the waiting should soon come to an end. They are expecting a referral in mid-January and will be flying off to Perm soon after.

Smartmom teared up later in the day when she learned about the earthquake and Pacific Tsunami that killed 25,000 people, a third of them children. This cruel and sudden act of nature, unthinkable in all its brutality, is said to be one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. And all those children.

There were more tears when Smartmom read a comment on Mamainwaiting's blog from Udge, in response to a post called "Happy Chrismakah:

"For what it's worth, most self-describing Christians have no more connection to the original meaning and symbolism of Christmas than you experienced. I think one could rename it "Solstice Festival" without any major loss of meaning.

Such meaning as there still is in Christmas, is contained in the rituals of being kind to and thoughtful of each other, of showing generosity and tolerance, of recognizing and indulging in the (over-)abundance of our physical world.

Few religions require more than that.

Happy Chrismakah to you and yours, and may your next Chrismakah be as a threesome."

Smartmom appreciated Udge's spiritual reflections. But she was realy touched by his wish that Mamainwaiting's next Chrismakah be as a threesome. Smartmom had to sit still for a few moments to savor that one - and just let the tears fall.

The final flood occurred at the multiplex during "Spanlish," the wonderful new Jim Brooks movie with Tea Leoni and Adam Sandler. Sandler portrays a very sensitive, loving father. It was the scene toward the end where Sandler tells his teenage daughter that he loves her...

Smartmom really lost it that time. Sandler is incredible, as is the girl who plays his daughter.

It was that kind of day. A day full of tears: for new life, inexplicable death, tears of appreciation and tears of love.

That kind of day.


At 8:15 AM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

Your post was really touching. thanks for your kind words regarding our impending adoption. I'm so happy for Warm and Funny. And it is so sad about the devastation in Southern Asia. It is overwhelming to see the pictures and read the news. I'm also looking forward to seeing "Spanglish". love, MIW


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