Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas on the Farm

A quiet Christmas here on the farm. Five of Hepcat's relatives decided to stay home so there was much less wrapping paper than usual. OSFO popped up at 7 a.m and begged to open her stocking. Too mature for such things, Teen Spirt feigned disinterest. He did, however, admit to liking the "grow your own brain" kit, the Che Guevara key ring, and the vat of super sour jelly beans that were in his well-packed sock.

It is freezing in this house because the oil tank is empty (long story) so all are dressed in big sweaters and down jackets to stay toasty warm. Near one of the two fireplaces is where everyone wants to be.

OSFO absolutely loves her Kit doll, the depression era American Girl Doll she was longing for. You know it's a great gift when the child starts playing with it and doesn't throw it aside to start unwrapping another package.

Teen Spiris loves his gifts too, especially Art Spiegelman's graphic novel, "Maus." and the DVD of "Collateral." He's half-way through "Maus" and just starting on "50 Facts that Should Change the World." A computer tablet for drawing picked out by Hepcat is also a big hit.

The grown-ups decided to forgo gifts, which suited everyone just fine. Although Hepcat, as usual, broke the rule and gave his mother some utterly gorgeous prints of Teen Spirit, OSFO, Prospect Park, and Times Square.

Breakfast was bright, big oranges from Clever Grandma's orange tree, ginger granola, green tea chai, sugary donuts, and English muffins slathered in strawberry jam. The family ate by a stained glass bay window that looks out on the garden, the walnut orchards covered in mist.

A small, quiet Christmas is a good thing: Clever Grandma's kitchen is being renovated so there is only a tiny make-shift kitchen with a small sink, a crock pot, a microwave and a toaster oven. The limitations have been interesting. Hepcat made an amazing salmon risotto in the crock pot last night (served with Smartmom's arugula, beet, walnut and goat cheese salad). It may have been his best risotto ever and that's saying a lot. There's much you can do with limited resources when you put your mind to it.

And that should truly be the Christmas spirit.

Love to friends and family near and far. Smartmom's cell phone, computer, and her imagination keeps her feeling connected to all.

Groovy Aunt, Groovy Grandma, Bro-in-law, Groovy Cousin and family, and other special family members are having a 2:00 bruch at a restaurant in the West Village. Smartmom wishes she could be there to enjoy their always lively conversation.

Groovy Grandpa, MiMa Cat,a great aunt and cousins are celebrating on the Upper East Side. Smartmom wishes she could be there too, the site of many childhood Christmases.

Warm wishes to friends and family in Park Slope, Manhattan, Kingston, Westchester, Nyack, New Jersey, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Mill Valley, East Greenwich, Baltimore, Berlin, Denver, Cleveland, Bennington, Los Angeles, Rhinebeck, and places unknown.

There's an electric heater underneath the desk where Smartmom is sitting, which explains why she is hogging the computer. OSFO and her Aunt have been working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for hours. Someone's iBook is playing classical Christmas music and dinner will be ready soon. Time to check on the pumpkin pie...


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Helen_of_Sparta said...

Merry Christmas (last few hours of...) It sounds like you had a splendid Christmas Day - I hope that the rest of your holiday season will be just as lovely!
Lots of Christmas spirit! :-)
~ Lydia


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