Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Waiting for Renee

Yesterday Smartmom came this close to hanging out with Renee Zellweger at Chuckie Cheese. True story.

Here's what happened:

Smartmom ran into Good Thing, mother of OSFO's first true love, at Chuckie Cheese in the Atlantic Terminal Mall. Good Thing was holding a baby, which was a little startling. Smartmom hadn't seen Good Thing in a while. But it hadn't been THAT long. In the din of Chuckie Cheese, a headache- inducing combination of kiddie amusement park and fast food pizza restaurant, Good Thing yelled, "Would you like to sit with me?" To which Smartmom quipped, "No I'd rather sit all by myself in this insane asylum."

The two were thrilled to suffer together while OSFO, First Love and his brother ran off to enjoy Bedlam. Good Thing explained that the baby was her sister's 6-month old and that her sister was off having lunch with Renee. Renee Zellweger.

Now, it wasn't big news to Smartmom that Good Thing's younger sister is best friend's with Renee. Smartmom and Good Thing have discussed this in depth over the course of their friendship. It was, however, newsworthy, that Renee had chauffeured out to Park Slope to be with Good Thing's sister and that they were having lunch at the Taqueria on Seventh Avenue -- while Good Thing and Smartmom were caught in the chaos that is Chuckie Cheese.

Renee had told Good Thing and her sister that she'd really like to hang out at Chuckie Cheese with the kids. "That sounds soooooo fun," Renee had said. Rolled eyeballs ensued from Good Thing and her Sister. "Why don't you come by after you've had a real lunch," suggested Good Thing. Renee agreed.

Good Thing expected her sister and Renee to saunter into Chuckie Cheese as soon as they finished their burritos on Seventh Avenue From all reports Renee is incredibly down to earth and real -- as real and down to earth as an a-list movie star can be. Apparently she is thinner than thin now after gaining enough weight not to look anorexic for the Bridget Jones sequel. And her hair is jet black.

Good Thing's nephew was a squirmy and cute, big, round-faced baby. Dressed in fashionable maroon cotton sweater and black and white leggings, he was hard to hold and starting to display signs of missing mama.

While they waited for Renee and GT's sister, Smartmom and Good Things caught up while tending to the two boys, the baby, and OSFO who were off having a mad good time. Smartmom got a chance to hold the squirmy baby, which was fun until he realized that Smartmom was neither his aunt nor his mother -- and Smartmom's time was up. Smartmom remarked that the cheesy, fast food odor of Chuckie Cheese made it impossible to smell that good baby smell she remembers so well. Hmmmmm. Love that baby smell.

Smartmom waited anxiously to meet Renee going so far as to look in a mirror, brush her hair, and put on some lipstick. Good Thing wondered what was taking her sister. She finally checked her cell phone, which wasn't working within the cell walls of Chuckie Cheese. Her sister had called seven times. Good Thing said, "She must be on her way."

When Good Thing's sister finally showed up, alone, without Renee, she ran toward the table panting and gently grabbed the baby away from Good Thing. "I'm so nervous." she said, obviously stressed out. "Why?," the older moms said in unison. "Well I've been away from my baby for hours. It's the longest we've ever been apart." Smartmom and Good Thing were reminded of those first months with baby when every hour away feels like an eternity, breasts hard and dripping with milk.

Good Thing's sister breastfed her baby sitting in the booth at Chuckie Cheese. "It took forever because Renee wanted to shop on Seventh Avenue," she said. Smartmom and Good Thing, of course, were dying to know where Renee was buying. Well, the lucky store was Kiwi on Seventh between Union and Berkeley. Apparently, Renee went nuts for their stuff and she bought lots for herself and a cashmere sweater for Good Thing's sister. "I'll take that, that, that, and that," she shopped, pointing at items all over the store --never once checking a price tag. Why should she?

Renee spent so much time shopping, it got too late for her to stop at Chuckie Cheese "She wanted to," said Good Thing's sister. "But she has to be at the Today Show at 4:30 in the morning. So she just had her driver take her back to her hotel to sleep..."


No hanging out with Renee at Chuckie Cheese for Smartmom. There's always next time...


At 7:27 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

enjoyed your piece about Renee Zelwegger, Chucky Cheese, Good Thing, her sister and all things related to a perfectly normal day for you in Park Slope. too bad Renee didn't have the time to stop at Chucky's I guess her shopping spree at kiwi took precedent. Sounds like a fun afternoon. wish i could have been there. love you, caroline

At 2:07 AM, Blogger Udge said...

Renee is obviously not a blogreader, else she would have dropped everything to meet Smartmom and get into her blog and thus acquire some real fame! Shopping? Hah.


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