Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Depressed Beyond Words

Smartmom is too tired and disheartened to write anything right now. She got this e-mail from Best & Oldest which seems to express what she and a lot of Slopesters are feeling today.

by Best & Oldest

I’m depressed beyond words and trying to figure out if going back to Berlin would make me feel any better. I no longer feel like a citizen of this country – or let’s say – I am ashamed to be an American – astonished at the lack of intelligence – but even more by the lack of conscience – we have killed more Iraquis than Saddam Hussein – our vice-president used government money to pay his company to rebuild a country we destroyed – there has never been an administration this evil in the history of America – what could he have done worse in the last four years? And this guy can’t be beat?

I wonder how many rich people voted for Bush (even in secret) to keep their few thousand dollars in tax cuts – it seems to me that everyone votes only for their own selfish concerns – and I wonder if there are more than one third of Americans who are right wing Christians (as if that wasn’t enough) - are we really a gun-loving, gay hating, black hating, Jew-hating (let’s face it) country?

I guess we could also move to Canada if Berlin seems too far away.

Well, I said “beyond words,” so I should stop with all these useless words.


At 7:11 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

Thank you best and oldest for your words beyond words. Yes, It is very disheartening to realize a majority of people seem to think completely differently than we do - It makes me think that the east coast should seceed from the rest of the country. I really felt lucky today to live in this city of thoughtful, intelligent, open and critically minded people who are accepting of different cultures, religions and points of view. It's scary to think that many of them out there in the the rest of America are motivated by religious beliefs alone. Where's common sense? I am really depressed too - Who are these evangelical people. I am disheartened, frustrated and sad. Perhaps tomorrow will seem brighter.

At 6:18 AM, Blogger mrs. cleavage said...

America has spoken: we are the land of caged minds & empty hearts. there is nothing free or brave about this country where hatred & greed are masked by moral self-righteousness. how depressing. --WB


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