Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blues for the Blues

WHAT A WEEK IT'S BEEN. And Smartmom is very BLUE.

55.45 million people voted for John Kerry. But that many people plus a little more obviously voted for that idiot in the White House. And he remains the president of this dis-United States where an ultra-conservative, pro-Iraq, anti-gay, Christian right vision of America prevails.

It really sucks!

In Park Slope, everyone is so depressed and scared to see what the Bushies will do next. We are truly in a little blue bubble here in New York City. County by county, this country looks mighty red -- and you thought red was the commie color. At this point, all we can do is hope for the best and start figuring out what to blue next.

Lots of people are talking about moving to Canada. Toronto, Montreal, even Newfoundland.

In Smartmom's view, this is no time to be slinking off to Canada -- although Smartmom has always been intriqued by Vancouver. But Canada is not the answer. The Bluesters can't lose the momentum that started with Howard Dean's brilliant grass roots campaign. Nor can they drop's ball. The anger unleashed by Bush's victory must fuel the next campaign, the next progressive movement, the blueing of America.

And that's a fact.

More importantly, the bluesters need to let the world know that there are plenty of blue people in the blue counties and blue states who have blue values and want an end to the war in Iraq and support gay marriage, reproductive rights, stem cell research, an end to poverty, good schools, and health insurance for all. We must let the world know that there are plenty of blues with the blues right now.

Oh the blues ain't nothin' but a feelin' that will get you down...

To cheer herself up, Smartmom drank too much red wine last night at Best & Oldest's annual Chirstina Party. Christina is a clothing designer and shop owner from Berlin who comes to Brooklyn once a year to show her abundantly tasteful clothing. She takes measurements and orders from Best & Oldest's friends, who have made the Christina Party a festive tradition among those lucky enough to be invited.

Christina's clothing is simple, classic and beautifully made. Think affordable Armani. Her suits, dresses, pants and shirts are sure to make you look fabu. For that reason Christina, who is lovely, beautiful, and shy, has quite a following in these parts. And it's such fun to get her little packages from Berlin.

The talk at last night's party was a mix of "Oh I'm so depressed about the elections" and "Oh I'm so depressed about getting my kid into high school." There were other topics as well. And lots of trying on of clothing. But lately, Smartmom hasn't been anywhere in this borough where the conversation hasn't see-sawed from high school to the elections and back. Yeesh.

As always, Best & Oldest put out a tasty spread of bread, olives, wasabi nuts, and exotic cheeses including an ultra smelly blue Camembert. And it was great fun to see the Christina crowd and to chat with Christina again. Even buying a new scarf from Christina didn't make the pain go away. But it is a gorgeous scarf -- mustard yellow with burgundy polka dots. Smartmom wished it could have been blue.

Ah, but don't we all.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

Hey, SM, sorry you're feeling blue...I guess the red wine didn't help your spirits. Nevertheless, perhaps tomorrow's marathon will uplift you a bit. We can all meet to give water to the thirsty runners on 4th avenue. Cheer up, things will be ok. love, cg

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