Friday, October 08, 2004

Shopping for the Baby -- Cool Cousin Responds

Cool Cousin sent this touching e-mail quite early this morning. She must have been at her trusty computer at 6 a.m. or earlier. Ungodly, yes, but then how else is one expected to get everything done?

My Sister Cousins:

Eleven summers ago - it hardly seems possible - C and I went to K-Mart in Bridgehampton to pick up supplies for C & D's trip to China to get E.

Supermarket sweep. Pacifiers - this kind and that kind just in case and what if - and formula, a lightweight stroller, baby socks, onesies, you obviously know the drill.

Real but not real - though Smartmom is partially right about the waiting being a kind of pregnancy. But still it's not that slow-growing physical knowlege so that the reality of the baby comes as a fully formed two eyes little nails ten toes two ears shock to the system.

J. was a complete stranger - but only for a very short time.

My heart is so full for all of you.


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