Saturday, October 02, 2004

Opening Night at the New York Film Festival

Coffee at COUSIN JOHNS with Poetry Czar and Groovy Aunt was strictly "water cooler talk" about Thursday night's political boxing match and some local dish until things got a little dicey when Groovy Aunt, for no apparent reason, "outed" Smartmom about the box of Lucky Charms in her kitchen cabinet. Nasty move, Groovy Aunt, that's grounds for expulsion from the PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP. Poetry Czar (and fellow member of the PSFC), evened the playing field by revealing that her kids eat Eggo Chocolate Chip waffles for breakfast (sorry, Poetry Czar). After that, the three moved on to less incriminating topics.

Hepcat and Metsy, an old friend, spent the day working on a memorial website for dear friend, Jaime Livingston, a filmmaker, photographer, circus performer and massive Mets fan, who died in 1997. He was also the bestman at Hepcat and Smartmom's wedding. Every day for 17 years, Jamie took a Poloroid and called it, "Photo of the Day," creating, essentially, a photo diary of his life. There are 6000 pictures and Hepcat and Metsy are re-photographing each and every one and prepping them for the website. It's quite an endeavor and it takes up a lot of space on the dining room table. But it is truly a labor of love.

Smartmom and OSFO braved mind-numbing rush hour traffic for OSFO's sleepover with Groovy Grandma on the Upper West Side. Trouble is, OSFO won't sleep there without Smartmom. So Smartmom dropped her off and met Groovy Aunt for Prosecos. Sitting at the bar at NICK AND TONYS, they struck up a conversation with the woman on the next stool and she asked them if they wanted to use her opening night tickets to the NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL. Well, the NYFF is one of Smartmom's favorite places to see and be seen, so she jumped at the chance to take the tickets off of this woman's hands.

A dressy crowd filled AVERY FISHER HALL. Boy oh boy, luxe is really IN. There were lots of, would ya believe, fur stoles! Smartmom and Groovy Aunt felt woefully underdressed, although, Groovy Aunt, sporting a nifty new 1970's fringe meets 1920's Lulu haircut looked pretty darn stylish. And during the movie she had to wear her prescription KATE SPADE sunglasses to see the subtitles--looking like a French movie star.

"Look at Me," a french film written and directed by Agn├Ęs Jaoui, is a funny and touching portrayal of Parisian intellectuals -- focusing on a young classical singer with low self esteem who has a difficult relationship with her father, a famous novelist. Smartmom says: "If "Look at Me," gets to BAM, make a point to look at It.

Smartmom returned to Groovy Grandma's spiffy, minimalist pad on Riverside Drive and headed straigh for GG's iBook. To her delight, there were comments from Workerbee and Mrs. Kravitz. And lo and behold, Workerbee, "a transplanted Southerner firmly rooted in Brooklyn," novelist, poet, owner of a high fashion Tibetian shop and a restaurant in Manhattan, has started her very own blog called, Mrs. Cleavage's Diary. Go to and treat yourself to some hyper-verbal, southern flavored, oh-so-spicy and hilarious prose.

I feel like I started something here.

Kudos to Groovy Grandma for finally getting a feather bed to put on top of the old sore-back-inducing guest bed. Smartmom slept soundly and woke up without any unnecessary aches and pains. A night away from Broolyn sure did her a world of good.


At 5:12 PM, Blogger mrs. cleavage said...

Smartmom, you might turn a girl's head with your flattery. If I were the type to blush, I'd be scarlet (come to think of it, I probably do qualify as "scarlet", if you know what I mean). And, yes, you have indeed started something. It's like heroin. You can't quit.

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Ma-an said...

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