Friday, October 01, 2004


Smartmom is starting to get feedback from her public. It seems that more and more slopesters are actually reading her blog. For that she is supremely grateful. Few, however, are actually posting comments. She thinks it's because they have to register on blogspot to do so. Smartmom says: "C'mon ONLY THE BLOG-aficionados, bring on the comments!"

Enough of that.

Thursday morning, Groovy Aunt and Smartmom did coffees at COUSIN JOHNS before Groovy Aunt had to go off for a hepatitis shot in preparation for her big trip to Russia to adopt a BABY!!!!!!!!!

Smartmom cleaned up her office and V E R Y C A L M L Y went to work on all the stuff she had to do. Meditation, you're thinking, meditation is what she needs. And y'know, you'd be so on the money. Smartmom has been meditating for a little bit more than a year and she recommends it to all. Smartmom says: "Get yourself a cushion, a timer, and a lovely singing bowl at the South Slope's high-fashion Tibetian boutique, SHANGRI-LA, located on Seventh Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, and you'll be set. Then, of course, you'll actually have to take 30 minutes out of your tumultuous day, sit quietly with above equipment, and meditate (instructions below)."

Meditation Instructions:

Sit lotus or cross legged on your cushion. Put one hand over the other and let your thumbs touch. Your eyes can be open or closed. Breath in and out slowly, concentrating on your breath. When your mind get's busy with thoughts say to yourself very nicely, "Thinking," and pull yourself back towards the breath.

Smartmom didn't make this up. Last Mother's Day, she took a weekend workshop with the great PEMA CHODRON, an American Buddhist nun and the author of "Start Where You Are," and "When Things Fall Apart," must-reads for all who are interested in meditating.

Smartmom also recommends, "Zen Minds, Beginners Mind," by Shunryu Suzuki, for daily inspiration.

Back to blogging, Smartmom ran three miles in PROSPECT PARK and finished just minutes before the downpour. She bought ingredients for spaghetti at the PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP (Hepcat's night off) and made a quick dinner for the family. After dinner and homework, and before THE DEBATE, Smartmom and OSFO went door to door selling candy, magazines, and gift wrap to benefit PS 321. Their neighbors, many of whom have children at PS 321 or another public school, were extremely generous. Smartmom says: "Don't forget about the PS 321 CANDY SALE, it brings in more money than any other PTA fundraiser!"

While Smartmom listened to the debate on the TIVOLI radio in her bedroom, Hepcat set up the forbidden television and watched in the living room with Teen Spirit. Note: Four years ago Hepcat and Smartmom decided that television was a disruptive influence on their family and they've been television-free ever since, taking it out once a year to watch the OSCARS, which they absolutely adore, and other important television events.

Smartmom thought her man, JOHN KERRY, came across very well on the radio. He seemed likable, smart, and very right on Iraq. Smartmom was surprised that Bush used and pronounced the word VOCIFEROUS correctly. Groovy Grandma said Bush looked like the fool he is on T.V. Hepcat was disappointed with KERRY's performance thinking that he let Bush get away with so many idiotic statements.

Smartmom fell asleep listening to the PBS pundits who were telling the audience how to think about what they'd just seen and heard. This isn't to say that she doesn't enjoy Mark Shields (nicknamed Ernieā€”of Burt and Ernie, by Groovy Aunt.) Smartmom just wanted to turn off the radio and think about it for herself.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger mrs. cleavage said...

Mrs. Kravitz alerted CleavageMom, proud owner of said Shangri-La mentioned in your recent post, & CleavageMom would like to say: thanks for the shout out & keep on om mane padme homming.


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