Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Gone Fishing

SMARTMOM IS GOING TO CALIFORNIA to attend the wedding of Hepcat's cousin Sarah. Hepcat is already there, grabbing a few day's with his mom on his family's walnut farm in the San Joaquin Valley just 80 miles east of San Francisco. Smartmom travels Thursday morning on Jet Blue and will be out of The Slope for five days. She is flying alone.

Five days.

That's the longest Smartmom has ever been away from Teen Spirit and OSFO. Sure, on their anniversary in July, Hepcat and Smartmom annually hole up at the Paramount Hotel for a night of amour. But that's just one night, barely a 24-hour leave from their obstinate offspring.

The last time Smartmom actually went anwhere alone was when she went to Tortola, British Virgin Islands on a business trip back in 1994. And there have been other quick trips: a wedding in upstate New York, a memorial service in California, a weekend in Washington D.C. But that's about it. When Smartmom and family travel, they travel together. Together.

So sprinkle some separation anxiety into the mix. On all sides.

OSFO is pretty strung out by the whole thing. She's been dreading Sarah's wedding ever since the invitation arrived last summer. When she found out that no kids were invited -- she was completely mystified. I mean, who loves weddings more than OSFO? Really. OSFO longed to be Cousin Sarah's flower girl and a talented and experienced flower girl she is. But nope, flower girl at Sarah's wedding was not in the stars. And OSFO was PISSED. Plus she doesn't like to be too far away from her loving mama. I mean, they are practically conjoined twins so close and loving are they.

Teen Spirit was a little harder to read. Although he seemed mostly cool and collect about Smartmom's leave taking, he was awfully tender last evening saying that he wished Smartmom wasn't going away. When she asked him if he was going to miss her he said, "I don't know. Maybe."

Smartmom leaves her cherished brood in the loving care of Beautiful Smile (their beloved babysitter), Groovy Aunt and Groovy Grandma. The refrigerator is packed full. Smartmom thinks she's thought of everything.

Smartmom spent most of yesterday in a Manhattan beauty salon getting dolled up and glamorized for Saturday night's wedding. But she found herself feeling sad, even tearing up during the hair coloring, highlights and killer haircut. She looks like a million bucks, but feels like a dime as she gets ready to leave The Slope. It's hard to cut the umbilical cord and go three thousand miles away.

Her children will survive, but tell me, dear reader, will she?


At 8:51 PM, Blogger brooklynfox said...

SM, I didn't know you were having such trouble with this departure. I'm sure you look like a million bucks but I'm so sorry you felt like a dime while getting ready to go. (Though I really like that line!) Beautiful smile, GA and GG will make the time go quickly for TS and OSFO. Plus, there's the excitement of Halloween to keep them occupied. Enjoy some zen moments at the farm and let your highlights shine in the California sun. You've earned both! RFJ

At 9:02 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

SM, don't worry, all is quiet on the slope this evening. OSFO has fallen asleep after bathing and a good night story- TeenSpirit finished his paper on Soda - yes Mug vs. Slice, and after a nice bath was ready for some R&R. Enjoy your trip, SM. GA


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