Thursday, September 30, 2004

What a Day

Multi-tasking definitely has its limits. Thing is, Smartmom is usually so damn good at it. But today, friends, she tried to do too much and she was really starting to lose it! And now her office looks like it was hit by one nasty tornado.

First off, and very importantly, Smartmom had to finish the application to MEDIA BISTRO for the family's crappy new health plan. At $879 a month, it's just $200 less than the Cobra and it doesn't even include dental or out-of-network doctor's visits. Yowza. So be it. It'll do for now -- that is, until the unlikely event that Smartmom or Hepcat get a staff job somewhere. Staff job, are you out there? Yoo hoo...

Just kidding.

Then, Smartmom had to do a final read of The Red Cross Recovery Grant that Smartmom and her dear partner and friend, Grammatical Genuis, have been working on since late August. The proposal looks very professional and Smartmom has high hopes that the grant will come through and allow for the continuation of The Link, the newsletter for FDNY families. She's also hoping they'll get funds to do an on-line version. Keepin' her fingers crossed (legs, toes, everything else) she's just so relieved that it's OUT THE DOOR—that's one big frying pan off the front burner.

Next. Smartmom could not for the life of her find her 2003 taxes, which she needed for MEDIA BISTRO. She looked and looked and looked (hence, the artfully paper strewn office) and finally had to call the accountant, who now lives/works in Oneonta, and have his secretary fax it. No biggie, but it was just one more ANNOYING thing.

Then, Small Busy Company kept calling and e-mailing to ask Smartmom to please edit this, write that. Which isn't to say that Smartmom doesn't absolutely LOVE the work and LOVE and NEED the moolah, but things were getting a tad frantic. Just a tad -- Smartmom was also writing another project for them. The result: too many e-mails, phone calls and quick turnarounds. Plus -- Smartmom discovered that there was some kind of weird glitch in the e-mails she was sending to Small Busy making her look like a total idiot. But it was a glitch -- so sue her.

Cut to: For an article in The Link, Smartmom had to do an interview with a mom whose firefighter son died on September 11th. Talk about switching gears. The mom spoke very eloquently and touchingly about what the last three years have been like...her words helped Smartmom put things into perspective.

A quick lunch at an unusually busy OSHIMA with Groovy Aunt was a nice break from the mayhem. Groovy Aunt looked positively fabu in a MARC JACOBS shirt and her stretchy and tight FOR ALL MANKIND JEANS. You haven't heard of the latest must-have brand of jeans? Better do some research, girlfriend.

OSFO quietly and diligently did a superlative job on her homework sitting at a 1960's era school desk that Teen Spirit found on the street. It has now been christened The Homework Desk and Smartmom is thinkin' that the desk has magical homework powers. And she's so very proud of OSFO.

On the Teen Spirit front, Smartmom is starting to freak out about the high school application process which she hasn't even started to deal with. Every time they try to discuss it, Teen Spirit says nervously, "Would you mind if we change the subject?" Understandably, he's very nervous about this transition that everyone's talking about. Who wouldn't want to change the subject?

Dinner was spicy marinated chicken with asparagus and a top-notch salad all prepared by Hepcat, God bless him.

OSFO took a long, luxurious bath and Smartmom blow-dryed and braided her hair. A chapter of "The Grim Grotto" was all it took to send mother and child snoozing in dreamland.


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