Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Return of Beautiful Smile

Teen Spirit stayed home sick another day and actually finished his "If I Could Vote" essay. Needless to say, TS's vote goes to, you guessed it, John Kerry. He spent the rest of the day reading "The Grim Grotto," which gets a 5-star review from the very literary young man.

The Oh So Feisty One walked to school gaily singing "New York, New York," taught to her the previous day by a music teacher at PS 321. Da Da Da Da Dum... Smartmom waved hello to THE WOMEN WHO RUN PARK SLOPE, who were at their usual post on the benches outside the MOJO, plotting world domination.

Smartmom had a productive day at the office writing Chapter Nine of WORK-IN-PROGRESS and revising a new poem. Hepcat picked up his turquoise Bianchi bike, which was getting a quick tune-up at CITY CYCLES in Tribeca. Hopefully, he'll be back to his daily three times around PROSPECT PARK, which has helped him lose weight and feel like a million bucks (not to mention lots of aches and pains). He's been working like mad on his website: stay tuned for the URL. When he's done, it'll be a great place to view the illustrious oeuvre of one fantabulous photographer. Finish up soon, Hepcat, your public is waiting.

Beautiful Smile, the most wonderful babysitter is back! The New York City Housing Authority is doing a massive renovation of her apartment building. So she's been watching over that. Boy, does she deserve the new appliances, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile, and mirrors that are going into her immaculate 14th story pad in Coney Island.

Smartmom says, "All is right with the world when Beautiful Smile is here." And she ain't kidding. Beautiful Smile takes care of everyone in the family, including Opal the rabbit and the rent-stabilized, but often messy, apartment.

While Smartmom went running in the park, Beautiful Smile picked up the Oh So Feisty One at school and they played with the adorable adopted brother of one of OSFO's schoolmates at the MOJO. The OSFO is positively smitten with this 2-year-old from India.

Smartmom and Groovy Aunt rendez-voused at the TEA LOUNGE, the home of the truly virtuosic Latte. Smartmom especially appreciated the flower shaped chocolate powder that the nice barista put on top of her froth. TEA LOUNGE has really become Park Slope's de-facto living room for moms, babies, and twenty-somethings with laptops. The furniture is definitely the worse for the wear, but hey, it's got that real lived-in vibe. The sisters talked about, well, all the things they talk about. For more on what's going on with Groovy Aunt's Russian adoption, go to

After lounging, Smartmom initiated Groovy Aunt into the secret rites of the PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP across the street. Groovy Aunt was duly impressed by the fresh produce, the great prices, and the crunchy community spirit. She was, however, less enthralled with the long lines and the 5-step shopping process (check-in, check-out, pay cashier, get stamped at the exit door, not to mention shopping in crowded aisles). Despite it all, the Groovy Aunt is considering membership. Yay! One for the COOP!

Dinner was salmon with wasabi sauce and a fresh salad prepared by Hepcat, who is on a culinary roll of untold proportions. Homework went smoothly—the OSFO seems to really dig math, something Smartmom is thrilled to see. Groovy Aunt called to say she was impressed with the marinated chicken thighs she got at the COOP and that the yellow grape tomatos were non-pareil.

Bedtime arrived and after five pages of "The Grim Grotto," the OSFO and Smartmom were out cold.


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