Thursday, September 23, 2004

Parking Ticket

The day got off to a rocky start, when Hepcat ran out of bed screaming, "What day is it today? OMIGOD, I'VE GOT TO MOVE THE CAR!" and went flying out the front door. Somehow, he'd forgotton about alternate side of the street parking, one of the pesky realities of life in this great metropolis. Sad to say, he got to our gold Volvo too late, which resulted in a forty five dollar setback to the family's already dwindling finances. Good job, Hepcat.

On the bright side, Teen Spirit felt well enough to go to school -- HALLELUAH!

Smartmom ran into the lovely Tall Lanky Friend in front of UPRISING, the fabu organic bakery. They stood on the street, in true Park Slope fashion, talking and enjoying eachother's company. After a half hour or so they realized they shoulda had a cup of coffee together. DUH. But by then, both of them had other places to be. Oh well. All the best conversations happen on Seventh Avenue.

Groovy Aunt and Smartmom drove into the big city in Groovy Aunt's tasteful, green Volkswagon Passat to deliver five huge bags of old clothing to HOUSING WORKS, an AIDs thrift shop on West 23rd Street. Groovy Aunt is truly on a mission to make room for the baby. The sisters lunched at PO on Cornelia Street, right next to the CORNELIA STREET CAFE, another one of Smartmom's favorite haunts. Living dangerously, they drank Proseco, a delicious sparkling wine right in the middle of the day. Ooh la la. Smartmom enjoyed her Orchetto with ragu and brocolli rabe, and stole bites of Groovy Aunt's interesting antipasto. Yum. Their cappuchinos were unbelievably frothy as was their spirited conversation.

A trip to The Gap followed lunch to buy the growing Teen Spirit some new pants. In the process they saw many appropriate items for the Oh So Feisty One and settled on a bright pink skort with a matching shirt (and an iron-on rhinestone monogram). Groovy Aunt went to meet a friend in the West Village, and Smartmom took the subway to her office to GET SOME WORK DONE.

On the way home from the office, Smartmom spotted Zuzu, the exotic looking older woman wth long red hair from ZUZU's PETALS selling flowers and potted mums in front of BLUE APRON on Union Street, the insanely expensive, insanely good gourmet shop. As everyone probably knows, there was a terrible fire in the kitchen of OLIVE VINE on Seventh Avenue that spread to the Korean market on one side and to the beloved ZUZU's PETALS on the other. Smartmom has heard rumors that ZUZU's Minabird died in the fire. Fortunately, her dog, Bear, was at home at the time of the fire and is doing just fine.

The gate in front of ZUZU's burned-out storefront is full of heartfelt notes to Zuzu from loyal Park Slope customers and a very touching note by Zuzu herself written just after she found out that her store, which has been in existence for over 30 years, had been destroyed by fire.

Smartmom bought a gorgeous bouquet of blue delphiniums and chartreuse roses and felt like she was doing a good deed spending TOO MUCH on flowers, to support ZUZU'S PETALS. Great news: Zuzu has found a new location on Fifth Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Street where she will continue to feature the most beautiful (and overpriced) flowers and plantings this side of Flatbush. Turns out Zuzu is NOT the owner of ZUZU'S PETALS. The owner's name is Fonda and Smartmom isn't even sure what she looks like. Zuzu gave Smartmom a big hug and said, "You should know better than to think that the person who's in the store all the time is the owner!"

Hepcat was in the city all afternoon taking pictures of corporate titans on the Staten Island Ferry. He came home exhausted and promptly collapsed on the bed for more than two hours. Smartmom attended a PTA meeting and Volunteer Fair at PS 321 where she tried to drum up volunteers for her pet project, PANDAMONIUM, PS 321's poetry magazine.

Teen Spirit did his algebra on the green leather couch in the living room while Smartmom put the tired OSFO to bed. Hepcat crawled into bed at 4:30 a.m. after working tirelessly on his website, which, one hopes, will be finished soon.


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