Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Monday, Monday

It ain't "Leave it to Beaver" getting Teen Spirit and the Oh So Feisty One off to school. Especially after a four day weekend. Alarm clocks, ice cubes, and violent tickles don't even begin to rouse them when they're in heavy snoozedom. They finally got up at 8 a.m with only 20 minutes to get dressed, cleaned up, fed, and out the door. And then, of course, there was the total panic to find TS's sneakers required for his dreaded physical education class. They were finally found underneath some random piece of furniture.

At PS 321, OSFO's school, today was the first day since school started that parents were not allowed to escort their children into the classrooms. And so it begins, the separation of Smartmom and daughter at the schoolhouse door. OSFO was brave, she was bold, she went up all by herself and Smartmom was teary and proud.

Smartmom got her morning coffee at COUSIN JOHN'S where the extremely nice Indian woman always remembers how she likes it. In the office, Smarthmom completed copy for pharmaceutical web site "landing pages." and e-mailed them to the guy who is paying her. Poetry Czar came by the office at 10:45 to discuss PANDAMONIUM, the PS 321 poetry magazine that she and Smartmom produce together. As usual, the conversation trailed beyond the realm of school and poetry which always makes this PTA project so much more interesting.

Groovy Aunt called to say that she'd started her own blog called Mamainwaiting.blogspot.com, in which she tells the on-going saga of her effort to adopt a baby in Russia. She is in heavy nesting mode right now, thinking about cribs, changing tables, and ways to transform their office/guest room into the baby's bedroom. Luckily she has a little bit of downtime from her busy career as an Art Director/Set Director for feature films and commercials. We met for a quick lunch at YAMOTO, the Japanese place between 1st Street and Garfield—we are back to eating there since they got rid of the evil waiter, who chased me down Seventh Avenue when I accidentally took the restaurant's credit card receipt. The really, really nice waiter is back and it's always such a pleasure to eat my spicy tuna rolls now. Yum. Groovy Aunt had her "The Land of Nod" catalog with her to show Smartmom pictures of baby furniture possibilities.

Standing in front of PARK SLOPE CLEANERS, Smartmom and Groovy Aunt saw Teen Spirit, Best Buddy, and Drama Tween walking up Seventh Avenue. Teen Spirit studiously avoided saying hello to them. Smartmom had the sense that they would have said hello if Teen Spirit had but...

Sojourned to the south slope for therapy -- that's another blog entirely.

Back home Teen Spirit said he wasn't feeling well, said he'd been feeling "bad" all day. He promptly went to bed and slept for hours. Worried, Smartmom did a quick review of everything he'd eaten since Friday and finally decided he might be coming down with the cold Best Buddy was getting over. Dinner was a delicious scallop and shitake mushroom risotto (I kid you not) prepared by the epicurian master, Hepcat Daddy-o. We finally got around to that bottle of Merlot from SHAWN'S. Our corkscrew was M.I.A. for a few weeks and Hepcat Daddy-o just bought a new one at TARZIAN so we're back to a soothing glass of vino at dinner. Our meal was enjoyable and extremely tasty despite the absence of ailing Teen Spirit.

After dinner, OSFO's excitedly did her first night of second grade homework. She's got her first ever mathbook. Kudos to PS 321 for diligently revamping their math program. She finished with 15 minutes of reading and we were good-to-go meet Groovy Aunt on the bench outside of MOJO.

Groovy Aunt looked like she was about to embark on a trip sitting with her big, black rolling suitcase on the MOJO bench. She'd brought 50 or so books, cleared out of the soon- to-be baby's room, to sell to PARK SLOPE BOOKS on Seventh Avenue. They only took about half of them (and gave her a whopping $10). Groovy Aunt decided to leave the remaining 20 books, "Savage Beauty," "Birds of America," "How Does She Do It?," and "The Color of Water" among them, on the MOJO bench. It's so very Park Slope to leave books out on the street. A 22- year-old woman who said she was a student teacher came by and said, "It would probably be a good idea if I took some of these books." By the time we got back from our after-dinner ice creams at the low cal, low carb, low taste Tasty D-lite store on Union Street (no caps, not a local brand) all the books were gone.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

enjyed the report on the day. very accurate with an added layer of humor. It was fun to meet you guys on 7th avenue last evening - glad to have gotten rid of those books although now am thinking I might have wanted to finishe Savage Beauty. I was reading right up to september 11 2001 but never picked it up afterwards. Edna St. Vincent Millay was kind of a witch/bitch. love, mmw


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