Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Home Sick

At 8 a.m. Teen Spirit stayed wrapped in his blue plaid down comforter moaning that his throat hurt, his stomach hurt, his whole body hurt. He stuck by his story in a voice that was convincingly death warmed over. Meanwhile, Smartmom struggled to find the Oh So Feisty One something she was willing to wear. The fusspot always has a tres tres specific idea of what fashion statement she wants to make that day at school. She finally settled on tight black cotton bellbottoms and a purple tee, took a quick bite of white bread toast and was off to another day of second grade, leaving Teen Spirit at home sick for the day with his Dad.

Smartmom made a quick dash to her office for a day of multi-tasking -- grant application, web site copy, newsletter article, poetry or fiction for WRITERS AND DRINKERS, not to mention the BLOG. Great news from Upstate Pal, Smartmom's great friend and daily confidante -- she was accepted into a Master Class with writer LYDIA DAVIS at SUNY-Albany. Upstate Pal also has a poem in this month's CHRONOGRAM ( She is on a roll and Smartmom is so very proud of her.

Smartmom actually got work done and stopped procrastinating about the all-important grant application that will mean the continuation of THE LINK: A NEWSLETTER FOR FDNY FAMILIES, Smartmom's labor of love and financial anchor, for another two years.

Early afternoon, Teen Spirit called from his cell phone to say he was lonely, hungry for soup, and in need of a new book. The thrill of staying home was wearing thin but his symptoms were still going strong. "Why don't you ask your Dad to make you some Ramen," Smartmom inquired, knowing full well that the Hepcat was working on pictures in the living room. "I don't want to bother him," Teen Spirit replied. What am I chopped liver? thought Smartmom eyeing her computer desktop full of unfinished business.

Alas, Smartmom could not resist the call of her male offspring for maternal nurturing. She banged out another e-mail and ran to Seventh Avenue to procure Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup and some appropriate reading matter at COMMUNITY BOOKS. She found "The Grim Grotto," the latest in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Teen Spirit and OSFO have been counting the days until that book, the 11th in the series, was released. She also bought "In the Shadow of No Towers," for her own September 11th book collection.

Smartmom ran into Former Upstairs Neighbor, the man who reads and knows EVERYTHING. They discussed the abysmal state of the union and what the future holds if our dangerous president stays in office.

Back at the ranch, Teen Spirit and Hepcat were engaged in parallel play both staring into their computers doing god knows what. Teen Spirit was thrilled to see the new Lemony Snicket. While Smartmom heated up the canned Progresso Soup for the teenage soul, TS read the first page of the Lemony Snicket and decided it may be his best book yet. Groovy Aunt called to say that she was going to pick up OSFO at school and take her to KEY FOOD on Fifth Avenue where they have a coin counting machine. Groovy Aunt, looking fabulous in her brand new green poncho from BROOKLYN HANDKNIT and her KATE SPADE sunglasses, had more than $100 in coins in her rolling black suitcase. She received an enormous hug from OSFO at dismissal and the loving duo were merrily on their way.

Smartmom decided to go for a meditative run in PROSPECT PARK, Smartmom's daily respite from her wordy, and frenetic life. Despite the humid air, she felt invigorated by her 45 minutes of rigorous exercise and went back to her office for a phone call with the website client.

Teen Spirit still wasn't hungry at supper time. Dinner was Hepcat's delicious sauteed chicken with herb salad. Smartmom left at 8 p.m. for WRITERS AND DRINKERS, her writer's group which has been going strong for 7 years. As always, Smartmom was super impressed with the work that her fellow WRITER'S AND DRINKERS had brought in and thought to herself that everyone in the group deserves to be published, famous, and profiled in Vanity Fair. Afterward, some of her fellow WRITERS AND THINKERS did drinks at TWO BOOTS, which thankfully loses it's kid friendly vibe of mayhem after hours, and is possibly the Slope's coolest late night bar. They ordered Cosmopolitans and gossiped until the wee hours.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

enjoyed your recount of the day. Had fun with Alice at the Key food. will tune in tomorrow.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

hey smartmom, enjoy reading your blogs. They are touching, funny and smart. thanks. Also, enjoyed your profile. love, mama


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