Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy Monday

Big day in the big city for Smartmom, who had an important meeting about a new project at a Small Busy Company that's been giving her lots of freelance web work. Smartmom subwayed into Herald Square and FELT the pulsing energy and exhilaration of mid-town at mid-day.

After the meeting, she bought beautifully decorated cupcakes for her family at the renowned CUPCAKE CAFE on 39th Street and Ninth Avenue. Yes, she DID buy and eat a chocolate chip cookie -- so sue her. The ride home went quickly as Smartmom read the new and very absorbing Phillip Roth book, "The Plot Against America," on a crowded car full of noisy high school students.

Killing time before therapy, Smartmom visited the weird thrift shop in the Fourth Avenue F-train station that usually has interesting books. Therapy was....therepeutic.

Like millions of Americans, Smartmom, Hepcat, Teen Spirit and OSFO will be without health insurance on the first of October. That's because Hepcat's Cobra, from the impressive corporate job that he was laid off from in 2002, is coming to an end. Since both Smartmom and Hepcat are now freelance workers, it looks like they are going to join up with a group plan at MEDIA BISTRO, not a restaurant but an internet community.

At a sidewalk table at BELLEVILLE, a real French bistro on Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street, Hepcat and Smartmom had a very mature and in-depth discussion about the HMO, EPOs, and POS's available to them through this group. Smartmom's cold Chardonney helped, in some small way, to quell the anxiety and confusion caused by the family's (and the nation's) health care predicament.

Dinner was Beautiful Smile's famous baked chicken with carrots, onions and potatos (recipe to come). OSFO was invited for Chinese food by their wonderful and generous downstair's neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, whose daughter is OSFO's best friend. Let it be known that Smartmom's neighbor asked to be code-named Mrs. Kravitz, referencing the nosy neighbor on 1960's sitcom "Bewitched." Our Mrs. Kravitz, is blonde and beautiful, and nothing like television's Mrs. Kravitz. However, she and Smartmom do have a habit of, shall we say, spinning tall tales about their fascinating neighbors. So Mrs. Kravitz it is.

After dinner, Smartmom served the cupcakes as a Happy Monday treat. Hepcat commented that celebrating the end of Monday was, probably, more to the point. OSFO, always one for a party, asked that there always be Happy Monday celebrations. Smartmom nodded.

But there is one more bit of news: Former Upstairs Neighbor One and Former Upstairs Neighbor Two had their baby early Sunday morning. Smartmom saw Former Upstairs Neigbor One at drop-off this morning at PS 321. Looking exhausted, slightly overwhelmed and very, very happy, he said that Anabel Snow is doing well as is her mom. Mazel Tov.


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