Monday, September 20, 2004

The Doll Hospital

An unexpected drop in the temperature sent a cool autumn breeze through the apartment's open windows. Smartmom woke up early and snuck into the dining room careful not to wake anyone up and ruin her cherished ALONE TIME.

Ah such a treat: the rare quiet of a sleepy Sunday morning. Oh blissful cup of coffee, the New York Times and a lovely breakfast of whole wheat toast and Medley cereal all alone listening to Weekend Edition.

Not to paint too idyllic a picture, Smartmom set up another Pantry Pest moth trap on the counter just in case those disgusting worm/moths were plotting an attack on the other side of the kitchen.

The Oh So Feisty One woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed with lots of creative ideas for early morning activities. "I want to do some sewing, maybe open a doll hospital for my animals," said OSFO, holding her ancient Paddington Bear (which belonged to Smartmom's sister Groovy Aunt). The OSFO had already located the usually elusive travel sewing kit and in a flash Smartmom was threading a needle and remembering how to sew, pricking her finger in the process while sadly eyeing her abandoned Sunday Times.

It was still cold in the apartment and Smartmom and OSFO decided to get back in the BIG BED and warm up. "Family hug, family hug," Smartmom announced as she walked down the hall. From underneath the cozy comforter, OSFO called out to Hepcat Daddy-o and Teen Spirit, "Come in, we need you to warm us up." Hepcat Daddy-o joined them in the BIG BED adding a furnace of warmth. All three called out to TS who refused to join the rest of his family in the so embarassing ritual of a family hug.

Jersey Friend rang the doorbell. Since there is no buzzer system in the apartment building, Smartmom put on her Brooklyn sweatshirt from BROOKLYN INDUSTRIES and bid goodbye to OSFO and TS who were hanging out at TS's computer. They decided to brunch at PRESS 198, a sandwich place on busy Fifth Avenue, after ROSEWATER and BESO looked too crowded. They shared a delcious proscutto and mozarella pressed sandwich and talked about various sisters, husbands, and children.

Walking up Fifth Avenue and happened upon a show of sports cars in front of LA VILLA and the MYSTERIOUS CAR LOT at Fifth Avenue and 1st Street. The avenue was positively glowing with bright red Ferraris. Smartmom called Hepcat Daddy to tell him about the cars as he is a car fanatic. Within minutes, a camera-clad Hepcat and OSFO were galavanting down the avenue.

Ran into the mother of Teen Sprit's good friend, Drama Tween, who said that TS and Drama Tween were out and about. Drama Tween's mom said she loved TS's new long locks. "Very '70's." She also said that Drama Tween had a great time at camp this summer. "She got to be a kid again," said Drama Tween's mom practically tearing up. I understood. Drama Tween dove into adolescene with a vengence last year and her parents have barely recovered from her crazy antics, not to mention all the hair dye. The summer seems to have done Drama Tween a world of good.

Jersey Friend, Smartmom and OSFO walked up Fifth Avenue stopping in the brand new SUPERHERO SUPPLY STORE, a drop-in tutoring storefront that also sells, well, superhero supplies. The store is too imaginative to believe, and has to be seen to be believed. Suffice it to say, before buying something you have to recite a vow of truth and honor. Jersey Friend was pretty much blown away by the store. Smartmom bought a copy of The Believer, a literary magazine published by SUPERHERO SUPPLY STORE founder, Dave Eggars, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis. She also bought OSFO a light up whistle, a purchase she soon regretted.

The three got ices at UNCLE LOUIE'S, the new in-spot for ice cream and ices. Moments after finishing her cotton candy ice, the little whistle blower proclaimed herself ready for some pizza so the three went to PINO's for OSFO's slice. Jersey Friend took off for a nostalgic solitary walk down Seventh Avenue. As a former resident of the Slope, she still misses her old stomping ground. Suburbia just doesn't do it for her.

Teen Spirit joined Drama Tween's family for dinner while Smartmom and OSFO ate frozen pizza and LA VILLA leftovers waiting for Hepcat Daddy-o to return from his twilight photography expedition. Home from Drama Tween's family supper, Teen Spirit, the selective amnesiac, suddenly remembered that he had to write an essay for his English class titled: If I Could Vote. Struck by acute writer's block he took a long bath and then, hopefully finished his first 8th grade essay. Smartmom read "The Marvelous Emerald City" to the OSFO. The two of them were fast asleep by ten.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Udge said...

"A life well lived", I would say. I'm feeling an emotion that is suspiciously close to envy.


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