Monday, September 27, 2004

Dinner with Best and Oldest

Smartmom woke up to find Hepcat asleep in the living room. Nope, no marital squabble sent him out there this time. It was Smartmom's snoring that had him uncomfortably balled up on the green leather couch.

Upstate Pal called to report on the interesting Meditation and Cinema workshop she and husband Dadu attended the previous day. Later, Smartmom joined Groovy Aunt for a work-out with her fab trainer, So Enthusiastic, in PROSPECT PARK. So Enthusiastic led the sisters through agonzing ab and upper body exercises in the hot afternoon sun.

Smartmom, OSFO, and Teen Spirit swam off to a swimming birthday party at the PARK SLOPE YMCA. Not surprisingly, OSFO refused to wear the regulation bathing cap. Smartmom told her, to no avail, that the new caps are so much better than the uncomfortably tight rubber ones Smartmom had to wear as a kid. Smartmom didn't even mention the unsightly rubber flowers.

While OSFO swam with her peers (capless, of course), Teen Spirit and Smartmom did errands at SAVE ON FIFTH, truly the ONLY place to shop in Park Slope. After swimming, and much confusion in the girl's locker room, the wet party animals walked to the birthday girl's home for a Hula-themed party complete with grass skirts, lais, and fruit shakes served in plastic pineapples with straws. The birthday cake, created by the birthday girl's dad, was a truly inspired hula/Barbie masterpiece with blue-green icing!!! Tasty too. The girls played games, including one that involved walking on bubble wrap, which Smartmom is secretly planning to appropriate for OSFO's birthday party in March.

Smartmom and Groovy Aunt convened with Best and Oldest at BLUE RIBBON SUSHI for a belated birthday celebration for the twins. A little history: Smartmom and Best and Oldest met in the Fifth Grade at the now defunct NEW LINCOLN SCHOOL in Manhattan. They have been friends continuously, okay, minus a brief chill in 8th grade, for nearly forty years. Smartmom was thrilled by Best and Oldest's perfect gift of Phillip Roth's just out, "The Plot Against America." Best and Oldest also treated the twins to a generous and mouth-watering array of sushi, rolls and sashimi.

The conversation was non-stop and scintillating including true tales of Hollywood and the BERKELEY CARROLL MIDDLE SCHOOL. Best and Oldest's husband, an accomplished cinematographer, is in Los Angeles shooting Jody Foster's latest. No slouch herself, Best and Oldest is currently writing a screenplay with a legendary German woman filmmaker.

Dinner ended abruptly when Best and Oldest's youngest called to say she had a stomach ache. Best and Oldest expertly counseled her daughter, who has the same name as Smartmom (and it's not Smartmom), to locate their hot water bottle. Best and Oldest sipped the last of her Sapporo, paid the check, and the three had to be on their way. They bid farewell on Seventh Avenue after a special and truly memorable evening.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger mamainwaiting said...

Enjoyed the report on sunday's activities. It was an especially nice evening out with "Oldest", a very good friend to us both. love, GA


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