Saturday, September 18, 2004

Busy Saturday in the Slope

This morning, Smartmom took care of some recent "kitchen problems." The old man who fixes stoves came by to fix the oven which hasn't been working in weeks. Later, the cheerful exterminator stopped by. Smartmom told him about the wheat moth problem but he said there's nothing he can do about it -- he specializes in roaches and mice. "You got to go to the sauce," he said. Smartmom thought he meant that there was some sauce that is especially delicious to wheat moths. Actually, he was saying THE SOURCE in thick Brooklynese and pointed to a box of rice, and other boxes of grains. "If you see nests in there, they gotta go in the garbage," he said. Note: Smartmom had already thrown out ALL open boxes of grain and had emptied and scrubbed the cabinet. She's also using Pantry Pest traps bought at the PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP.

Speaking of unpleasant insects, a downstairs neighbor came up to say that his son has Lice and that the 7-year-old Oh So Feisty One, may have it too because she played with his son the other day. Oh Joy. "Have you been physical with Zack downstairs?" Smartmom asked the Oh So Feisty One. "Not really," she answered, "But he did put his fingers through my hair." Yeesh. Smartmom and the Oh So Feisty One may be takin' EASTERN CAR SERVICE to see the go-to Orthodox Jewish lady in Boro Park with 10 children who is NYC's de-facto lice expert—she's even been profiled in THE NEW YORKER. Now how's that for credentials?

The Oh So Feisty One and 13 year old Teen Spirit (TS), managed to get along so well today that Teen Spirit actually invited her to join him on a trip to 7th Avenue. That meant big fun: reading Manja books at Barnes and Noble, eating glazed donuts at the MOJO CAFE, browsing video games at Game Stop and looking for the latest Bare Naked Ladies at SOUND TRACK (only local stores get all caps. Not mega brands.)

Meanwhile, Smartmom raced to get her eyes checked at VISIONS on Lincoln Place. The optometrist thinks her middle vision is going a bit. But he's not sure if she needs to start wearing corrective lenses and told her to think about it. Huh? Smartmom had a quick lunch at OSHIMA, the tasty sushi place on 7th Avenue between Berkeley and Lincoln that used to be a Zen Palatte type of place. The new owners are super friendly—they have an adorable little boy who hangs out there most days when he is not at school.

Hepcat Daddy met Smartmom at OSHIMA on his way to VISIONS, thoughtfully schlepping out in the rain to get TS's broken eye glasses fixed (because Smartmom forgot to bring them and TS says he's blind without them.) Hepcat Daddy-o didn't bother to tell Smartmom that her eyes had huge brown and yellow circles around them from the eye drops the optometrist put in there. Oh well. The nice Japanese people didn't say anything either. More on that later.

After VISIONS, Smartmom and Hepcat Daddy-o stopped at the COMMUNITY BOOKSTORE which smelled of clove incense. Hepcat Daddy-o skimmed Art Spiegelman's new "In the Shawdow of No Towers," and Smartmom bought a a book by poet Louise Gluck. She stepped on the owner's dog, who was sleeping in the fiction aisle. Love the homey feeling in that bookstore. CYNTHIA OZICK will be doing a reading there on October 19th.

Smartmom picked up a bottle of Merlot at SHAWNS, the liquor store on 7th between Garfield and Carroll. The blue haired girl who works behind the counter wasn't there today. Smartmom ran into a neighbor from the building next store who said, "What did you do to your eyes?' The neighbor looked truly alarmed.

Smartmom explained.

The Oh So Feisty One (OSFO) and TS were already back from their 7th Avenue sojourn when Smartmom got him home. He: finishing the Ramen noodle soup he prepared for himself (and spilled all over the kitchen) She: listening to a CD of her favorite music that Teen Spirit created for her this morning. B-52's Rock Lobster, Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson, and the Ramones are the high points. Dance Dance Revolution and Hilary Duff are there too. After a bit, OSFO and TS decided to hit Seventh Avenue again which gave Smartmom time to read her first subscription copy of THE NATION. She also had the wherewithal to take a nap.

She ain't Smartmom for nothing.

TS, OSFO, and Best Buddy (TF's best friend) are in TS's tiny bedroom being rambuctious. Grumpy Hepcat Daddy-o is cooking up some Italian turkey sausage from the COOP and making a delicious spaghetti dinner (recipe to come). Hepcat Daddy-o has never gotten used to the elevated sound level of children. Just a minute ago, TS went out again to PARK SLOPE BOOKS around the corner looking for a used art book with a picture of "The Last Supper" in it—he's reading "The Da Vinci Code." We should have a picture of "The Last Supper" around here. Yeesh.


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